Chrome 76 Update To Fix The Loophole Existing in Incognito Mode

Chrome 76 Update To Fix The Loophole Existing in Incognito Mode

Chome is very serious regarding the privacy of its users. People use incognito mode to browse the internet so that they don’t get tracked. But there have been many studies and research which reflects that we get tracked even if we are using incognito mode. A new bug has been detected in Chrome’s incognito mode and the company is going to release an update to fix this.

Chrome 76 Update Details

Google is going to release a new Chrome 76 update on 30th July for the Chrome users. This update is mainly provided to fix the current loophole affecting the incognito mode. The company will make changes to Chrome’s FileSystem API which is used by the website to track your browsing history.

Let’s understand the existing bug first, it is found that even after using the incognito mode, the websites are still able to track the users and this is happening because of a loophole which enables the sites to get access to FileSystem API. File System API is used to track the browsing history and other browsing details and it must be disabled when the incognito mode is switched on.

When websites check for the FileSystem API and if they receive an error. The error message shows that the user is currently under incognito mode. Google is going to fix this bug existing in the FileSystem API by providing the cHrome 76 update So that it doesn’t get exploited next time in any way.

Various websites can take advantage of this loophole and track user’s browsing habits, search queries and other browsing details. These websites can use all these data to show you what they want even if you’re in incognito mode. Thanks to Google taking incognito mode seriously and making it what is meant for.

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