Chromebook computers from Google have always been known as good choices for basic uses. Its operating system, Chrome OS, hardly include a web browser with which to perform tasks in the cloudallowing for Android applications. Now, the possibility of officially installing Windows 10 is near. thanks to Campfire.

Dual boot on Chromebooks thanks to Campfire

The new tool was revealed by the XDA Developers portal when a mysterious project was found in the Chromium Git. This project spoke of a new ‘alternative SO mode’. Thanks to their research, they found references to the WHCK (Windows Hardware Certification Kit) and the HLK (Windows Hardware Lab Kit), revealing that Windows will be that alternative system.


“Campfire” would be the equivalent in Chrome OS to the boot camp of macOS, which allows Windows to be installed very easily on Mac computers. Google would be looking to serve the same purpose, offering a possibility to install Windows 10 on Chromebooks very easily. This decision could attract clients, helping the platform in its search for relevance. So, you would see the potential of Chromebooks but without worrying about having to run a Windows app from time to time.

The portal has also obtained other important data. For example, that the Pixelbook will not be the only Chromebook with Campfire, to have mentions of multiple variants. The dual boot will not require the use of the ‘dangerous’ developer mode, since it is directly supported by Google. They also claim that this tool is very close to launch, and they expect at least a Google demo at their next hardware event.

What may be a problem is finding Chromebooks with insufficient hardware. Therefore, it is expected that it can not be enjoyed by those who have, for example, less than 40GB of storage. It will be necessary to see what possibilities this tool will offer when it is presented.

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