google chromecast generation 3
google chromecast generation 3

A worldwide “hack” creates a mysterious problem with the Chromecast devices, with many users simply playing various videos from scratch. It is noticeable in this story that videos are always played by PewDiePie, the most famous and by far the largest single creator of this globe. Obviously, this is a successful “hack” that can affect users’ Chromecast devices. The back door is the wireless router of the users.

No real hack

Anyone who has activated the UPnP function in their router could be affected by the problem mentioned above. Above that, the hacker manages to influence your Chromecast. It’s not a seriously dangerous attack, a script can find and manipulate responsive Chromecast devices on the net.

It should be enough to disable the UPnP function of the router. Basically, you should limit the openness of your router by unused functions are turned off. WPS would be such a topic as well.

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