Clothes Designed By Hackers To Fool Automated License Plate Readers

Clothes Designed By Hackers To Fool Automated License Plate Readers

In today’s tech world, we are coming to know about various new and unique techniques and methods emerging out to hack the digital world. The latest technique, we are getting to see is that cloth is being used to fool Automated License Plates Readers.

A Hacker, as well as a designer, known by the name Kate Rose has made a new line of clothes to fool the surveillance camera by feeding junk data to it. Adversarial Fashion, Kates online clothing merchandise company unveiled a new set of clothes at DefCon 2019 which can be used to create disturbance in proper working of the Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs).

The clothes designed for the hacking purpose includes shirts, dresses, hoodies, and skirts. These clothes feature a license-plate like design which gets picked up by the surveillance cameras and makes the database-less effective as it gets filled with junk data. The main purpose of these clothes is to feed more and more junk data to the database of the surveillance cameras so that they become less effective in identifying the number plates.Clothes-to-fool-ALPR

ALPRs are being used across the US by the government agencies and people are also allowed to buy their own ALPRs and use them to maintain a record and keep a track of their vehicles.

For your knowledge, Adversarial Fashion isn’t the first attempt to fool surveillance systems. Before this, we have seen researchers have designed printed images to get hide from an AI video surveillance system.  There also exists a camouflage makeup which helps to hide oneself from the facial-recognition technology.

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