Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

Do you still remember the hatred surrounding Activision when the development of Diablo Immortal, a mobile game based on the Universe of one of the most popular sagas on the market, was revealed? The players were so irritated that there were even questions to the devs, whether or not this was an April 1st joke.

However, now that Diablo IV has been announced, and that CoD: Mobile is a huge success… Maybe it is a good idea to return to bet strong and ugly on ‘Immortal’.

CoD: Mobile success justifies launching Diablo: Immortal?

Therefore, it is undeniable that Diablo Immortal put a lot of studio and publisher into thinking about his strategy for the world of mobile games, however, Activision already has a successful formula in the form of CoD: Mobile, a title that seems to be able to demonstrate the full potential of the platform.

After all, Call of Duty collected 100 million downloads in the first week, a result 4x greater than that of Fortnite. However, it has already exceeded 250 million downloads and has also managed to accumulate around 327 million dollars in revenue.

Well, with all the success of CoD, Activision Blizzard executives were asked a few questions about the renowned Diablo Immortal. Now read:

“We have a lot on the way to mobile. CoD Mobile had a brutal launch, but we are only scratching the surface of the franchise’s full potential on this platform.

That said, this initial success indicates that we were right on some points, something that can be adapted to other projects. I think our players want more and new ways to interact with their favorite games, whether on the smartphone, the console or the PC. So, as long as the experience is authentic, we can expect great results on new platforms. This quarter showed us that.”

However, Blizzard and NetEase have already shown a very recent trailer for Diablo Immortal in ChinaJoy. In addition, the beta test is also expected to be lengthened in the coming weeks, bringing more players into the middle of the ‘war’. However, we still have no idea of ​​an alleged release date.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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