Codes to Check Your GLO, AIRTEL, MTN & ETISALAT Phone Number


We have gotten a lot of messages requesting on how to check their phone numbers. We do understand that some of us really hate cramming numbers, well it no big deal, all you need to do now is to dial a short code that will pop up your phone number, yea it as simple as that

It’s no longer new to see people asking questions like how can I check my phone number? Many of people have not really gotten a satisfied answer, but guess what; TechLector 

will always meet you at your point of need.

We have actually provided an exclusive article that contains all the four major network providers in Nigeria. So in this article you will get the code to check your MTN,ETISALT,GLO,AIRTEL phone number.

How to Check Your GLO AIRTEL MTN ETISALAT Phone Number

  • Code to Check Your MTN Number

Just dial 663#. Yes, that’s all. Your phone number should automatically display. WINK*


Dial 12311#. Yes, that’s all. Your phone number should automatically display. WINK*

  • Code to Check Your Etisalat Number

Dial *248# and you will get a reply displaying your etisalat phone number.

  • Code to Check Your GLO  Number

Dial 1358# . Glo will automatically display your phone number

  • Code to Check Your Airtel Number

Just dial *121# then follow the commands. That all.

Drop your comments.

  1. goodmuyis says

    If you dial 1244, you will get a Voice prompt dictating your numbers

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Thank you Good Muyis, this will be added to the list asap.

  2. goodmuyis says

    I Dial 1358# it doesn’t work

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