Best Translation Apps iPhone
Best Translation Apps iPhone

Language barrier is something that humans face. When we travel, we’ll need to communicate in the language of the country we are in, and except we can do this, we face a big problem in communicating. Technology is doing a great job at overcoming this problem, and translation apps are one of its products. With translation apps on our iPhone, we can speak and write better with people of different languages from ours, thereby enhancing communication. This article outlines the 5 best translation apps for iOS.

Best Translation Apps for iOS

1. iTranslate

If you need an app to help you with translation, iTranslate will do. The app gives a versatile translation in more than 90 languages. It does this by using a text-to-text and voice command methods, respectively. You also have the option to pick between male or female voices as it supports both voice types. The app does things fast, and it is the best choice if you’re looking for quick translation between two or more dialects. A dictionary is integrated into the app, which is very useful for you to know the meaning of words that seem difficult to understand.


2. Google Translate

Google Translate is a famous translation app with many users all over the world. The app supports more than 100 languages, and it displays the source and target languages at the top. To change the language, tap the language menu, and you can then type, draw, or speak the words you want translated. If you used the speaking method, you get to hear the translation automatically. If you used the typing method, tap the icon with the speaker symbol to hear what you drew aloud. You can use the app to converse in a translated language in other apps. Just speak into your device, and Google Translate does the rest for you.


3. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator does translating in an accurate and efficient manner. The app supports multi-person conversation translation, which is a big point. The app supports in-person conversation in up to 100 people in several languages. You can get a translation of texts in more than 60 languages with Microsoft Translator. A camera feature is integrated so that you can translate words into photos. Another good feature is phrase-books for verified translations, which is great for use.


4. SayHi Translate

SayHi is on the list of best apps for translating words, and it gets accolades for its brilliant speech recognition. Language and dialect are combined with the app to provide correct translation. These translations span the different international versions of English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and more. An advanced language learner might find the app more helpful than the others on this list, especially if you need the translation done from Brazilian Portuguese or Egyptian Arabic. The app does not feature the option to save phrases or offline translation, which are its downsides.


5. Translator with Speech

With the Translator with Speech app, you can get translation in different languages by using text, your device’s camera or voice. To translate, choose your source and Target languages. Type the words to be translated or speak into your device, submit it, and it will be translated to the target language. You can also use your camera to take a photo so that the app translates the text there. You can also highlight the text on the item, and the app then does the translation.


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