Apple Macos Big Sur
Apple Macos Big Sur

Here is the list of Macs compatible with the new macOS Big Sur. Is your Mac on the list? Apple yesterday released the new big macOS update to the WWDC Keynote, macOS Big Sur. At the moment, in Cupertino they have released the Beta of the developers and we will see the public Beta next July. This update will be free and will be available for all compatible devices in the list once the final version is released.

Among its innovations are a new design closer to that of iOS and iPadOS, improvements in Safari with greater control over privacy, or Apple’s new translation software, which works locally without the need to send information to a server.

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Complete list of Macs compatible with macOS Big Sur

  • MacBook from 2015 onwards
  • MacBook Air from 2013 onwards
  • MacBook Pro 2013 onwards
  • Mac mini from 2014 onwards
  • iMac from 2014 onwards
  • iMac Pro from 2014 onwards
  • Mac Pro from 2013 onwards

macOS Big Sur goes one step further, leaving some devices that see how macOS Catalina has become its latest officially supported version.

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If you are afraid to install macOS Big Sur on your MAC, or you do not have a second Mac that covers your shoulders in case the Beta gives you many errors, Apple has made available a page with details 

on its website more important than this new update, so that everyone can have a look at it.

macOS Big Sur is in turn the first Apple operating system also developed for the ARM architecture and the new Apple Silicon. The processors that Apple wants to start using on its new devices later this year and which represent the next big transition for the company’s equipment.

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