How To Contact GoTV Customer Care: Phone, Email & Address

GoTV is one of the traditional paid satellite TV services by Multichoice. Its services are available in different African countries and Nigeria is lucky to be one of them.


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Below are various contacts details of GoTV Nigeria that you can reach today to lay complaints. See the list of GoTV Customer care number, GoTV official email address, GoTV Twitter & Facebook account, GoTV Nigeria website and Physical Contact Address below:

GoTV Nigeria Customer Care number: 08039044688

GoTV Nigeria Email: [email protected]

GoTV Twitter Account:

GoTV Facebook Account:

GoTV Nigeria Website:

GoTV Nigeria Contact Address: Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island Lagos State.

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  1. Good day. I erroneously toppled my old gotv decoder with #1900,instead of the new one.Could you please transfer the payment into my new account. Old IUC: 2019179199.New IUC:7032097194. Thanks a bunch.

  2. I subscribe through my mobile banking *369 FCMB. Since 5th of June till now my decoder is yet to be activated. The bank had deducted the money with message transaction successful.
    My IUC NOIS (7031875351). Waiting for your prompt response.

  3. I, good morning this is Olalekan Stephen Bankole, since on 25/03/19….. time 02:50 I make a payment to my GOVT account… 4620988687 via my mobile access bank!! and this is not my first time doing that, and it always working but since 3 day now that i make a payment it not going, please i need to watch a program please help me out with it… thank you

  4. I subscribed my Gotv with my GTBANK code on 13th march 2019, up till now it is still telling me that my subscription has expired, my Iuc number is 2028867569

  5. Pls I made a wrong payment with did iuc number2021875386 Richard
    This one is correct one2021875389 Azeez busari
    Pls I made the payment today with sum of 400 in mobileng dashboard
    Pls my customer is waiting

  6. Am EMA okwi my gtv remote is not working now 1week ago I don’t no wats da problem yet the batteries are still new wen u press any button it shows light tel me plz my smart card number is 2020904677

  7. I subscribed since last week with mobile transfer but till now I have not being number is 2021748733.i paid 1900.thanks

  8. I subscribe my gotv through my gtbank app since arround 6am and till now it’s still saying my account is zero..pls help me.check my iuc no is :7028917686….I have sent the payment alert to the email address also

  9. Comment:Sulaiman kabir sola,IUC 2003024215,l paid #1900 but up till now l didn’t view any channel,help me rectifying the problems

  10. I do not know what is wrong with my decoder since Monday 3/12/2018 when I was watching a program it just started showing me searching for network. Who do i do?

  11. Please my Gotv was subscribed on Wednesday 7th, November and I have been exothermic E16 error code and when I tried informing the customer care, I was told that my account is zero percent so please help me check and correct it. My IUC is 2028880123 thanks

  12. Pls I subscriber my gotv since around yesterday
    Through my mobile banking up till now is not active plss here is my iuc 4622390872 for 1900

  13. Good evening
    I subscribed my gotv last week Friday uptill now my decoder is not active.i did 1250 subscription with iuc number 7016574462.i tried using ussd code to clear it but they saidy surname doesn’t match.pls treat urgently.

  14. I made a payment into this wrong iuc number 7017784004 on 30/10/2018 and I want you people to transfer it into this iuc number 7017784008 thank you.

  15. Please I mistake subscription my gotv wrong pin is 2020617364, my correct pin is 2020617354 name Williams phone 0803*****962. On Wednesday 24/10/2018 thanks, no email Please

  16. Comment:hello I made a payment yesterday of 1900 and my decorder is not activated up till now
    IUC no:2020951387 isioma .thanks

  17. Please i subscribed today but Nothing was showing…then i got a message saying that my account has been suspended and that i should Contact the help center for reconnection…i did but was showing i had nothing in my account and i should pay while i already paid N1900 through interswitch…what should i do

  18. Hello, I loaded my decorder yesterday with 1250, urtho it was show yesterday but it has stop today I need ur assistant, even I have received d message of subscribes , my decorder is 2020688879

  19. i received a text on 06th september 2018,which says ” special offer just for you. pay your gotv before 10 th september and get one month free”.a day after I a gotv staff called me and told me the same thing. I did that on 08 th september and expected an month after a paid date. but am suprising that yesterday on 08 th september my gotv was disconected.what could be the reason? my iuc number is= 6999226440.
    kun*********[email protected]

  20. GOOD EVENING, please i subscribed 30th of last month 1900 before the current subscription expired, on getting to know this evening that it has expired and the on i did was not active. MY NAME is Tosin Owoeye IuC no. 7023806242. please help me to activate it urgently.

  21. Erinkitola Opeyemi I subscribe my gotv 2weeks ago but now I can’t watch any station except zeebollywood iuc number is 2021841743

  22. I have subscribed through my mobile banking for two days now but still not activate my gotv,today I did the same with another bank and still not active and my account has been deducted my ICU number 4601698835 pls what’s the problems

  23. Comment: i need you people to bring your Gotv mast to omoku in Rivers state because alot of customers are here but no adequate network.

  24. Comment: I mistakenly subscribed to a wrong IUC number, this is the wrong IUC number 2020701872 and this is the right IUC number 2020701871 please kindly revert it for me please this is the reference number 02XK32802BB1701. please the owner of this gotv account does not have any valid identification card nor e mail address but we are using her son’s email address which below

  25. Good morning,my Gotv with iuc num 4613806567 which was paid for on the 3rd of September has been scrambled on the 15th of September, pls I need to be connected back so as to watch my programs.

  26. my name is Ifechukwude Good afternoon, pls I subscribe on 14 of September direct from my Union bank account and now no channel is sowing said my subscription has expired iuc no (219420611) please can you check this details about the problem, i have been call no respond from the number.

  27. Good day, pls i subscribe my gotv this month is working sudenly is not working again and i later subscribe again is not working till now pls help me work on it, my uct2022499365

  28. Please I need help on my GoTV subscription ….I subscribe last week Sunday only for me to wake up this morning to my subscription has expired….please help me rectify it
    IUC number 4622499453

  29. I subscribed for 3200 and could only view some channels the first day after which the service is currently scrambled. My iuc no is 7017755518. Thanks

  30. Please i subscribered my gotv since 4days ago, but today only 5stations are showing, its showing subscription expired for others, help me out, my Iuc no: 7023894957, I did 1900 subcription.. Thanks.

  31. why is it that the iuc’s I subbed always delay? unless I do them again and get debited twice before they start showing. 7023824270 was since morning, 7023617648 and this one has been since Friday evening. with many more i did twice because of delay or unvallidation with no reversal of fund played for them. pls help me out I do sub for my customers from my bank mobile.

  32. Comment:
    I want to upgrade from gotvplus to gotvmax and I have already paid for gotvmax but it’s not working out. Hel
    p me pls my mobile number is +260966465019. and my IUC is 6999256633 Thank you

  33. Please I subscribe my gotv since yesterday but nothing was showing and I tried the call center number but it wasn’t going.. Please do something or tell me what to do.. Iuc 7023942979

  34. Please I subscribe for my gotv plus today 9-9-2018 and a msg was send to me that my acct is suspende
    My iuc number:2029140624

  35. it been over 2months now that I have been calling gotv customer care line and they’ve been wasting my call credit. please unlock/unblock parental pin code on my gotv…. 2009612413. na beg I dey beg ooooo

    • This is really painful, pls I subscribed but I got a message that my account has been suspended, pls here is my IUC no. 7028829510

  36. Good afternoon, pls I subscribe on 21 of August direct from my first bank account and now no channel is sowing said my subscription has expired iuc no 2028871507 REF 109412157090 pls check it thanks

  37. Comment:Good morning, Pls, I paid my govt on September 1, 2018, before the expiration date which was September 3, 2018 with ref no 109468992342. IUC 4623820864. from my first bank account. but nothing is showing. pls can you look into and fix it up. 07030621122 phone no, Thank you.

  38. Good Morning, I am odunayo festus odunukan I subscribe yesterday trough my account Which was debited and my gotv was not activated. Dis is my iuc 4613219420…ref 109468985606. I Wi b waiting for ur response. This is attached of d payment. Tanx

  39. I subscribe since yesterday 1st of seotember 2018 on my mobile banking it has not comeup till now pls help me my uic number is 2005204154

  40. I subscribe my Gotv with my bank account using *737* but till now it hasn’t showed, my IUC number is 7020904691, please help me is going to 2days now since I subscribed.


  42. I subscribe through *737* GTB account and is not activated,
    Iuc number is 7013591575
    Ref number is 364172833272
    Amount is 1250

  43. I subscribe 1900 on my first bank mobile app and I still can’t view any channels my icu number is 4613191716 damola alaga 08084875209. Pls kindly assist

  44. Please I subscribe from my bank account and they didn’t give me option to choose the amount I want to pay and 1350 was deducted from my account I want to know if there is anything dat can be done to complete it 1900 please

  45. Hi,
    My IUC no is 2021878770.

    I upgraded my subscription to GO-TV Max but still unable to view all the channels.

    Please help.


    Akani Kingsley

  46. I paid 1900 today through quickteller at about 10am up till this time no station is iuc numbers are 4613122405 and my phone number are 07035356489.please kindly attend to my complain

  47. hello good after please i want to change my address to this new address No 5 Oluwafuyi Crescent opposite Bethel Nursery and Primary School, Asolo Bus Stop Agric Ikorodu. And i want to know my balance Account Name: Mr. Odusanya Yomi
    Phone No: 08026443338
    IUC No: 2009537672
    Thank you

  48. Please I have paid for my gotv subscription but I want see any channel showing plz help me out.
    Below is iuc numbers

  49. I have paid for my gotv subscription through eco bank ATM until now no channel is showing plz help me. Below is my IUC information

  50. i SUBSCRIBE FOR ALMOST TWO WEEKS NOW AND SI I subscribe for GOTV for the past two weeks and was yet to be activated since then. Please assist my IUC number is 4622466261 and my phone No is 08081333328

  51. Pls I subscribed my gotv since yesterday but some channels are not showing…. I U E number.. 2020920415.. Name.. Kobi Nnadi

  52. I am on gotv plus IUC NO. 2004494659. is has refuse to scan any channel since on Tuesday. Pls what is the Problem?

  53. IUC number 4613789915 ,phone number 08038851034,hope morgan.made payment through paga moble banking on 14 july 2018,mistakly subscribed IUC number 4613789925,but made another to my IUC number 4613789915 on 15 july 2018.

  54. I subcribed on 14th of this month and till I haven’t see any of my channel showing ID. 2029259747. Gotv plus. 1900. From my AccessBank app

  55. please some of my channels are not showing,please help me fix it up.channels like 1,5,9,75,etc.My IUC number is 2029257394.

  56. I subscribe on Monday 25Th June,2018 but yet to see it working.Here is the smart card no:2018775162,though was done through quick teller

  57. i make a subsciription tru quick teller with d ref no 888846316269,uptill now my decorder is not showin,my iuc no 4622655737.

  58. Pls my gotv signal is not coming up for 3days now, I have taken the antenna to the maximum my (2016195841) salami tope Ahmed and my contact is 08028478333, pls do something fast an my decoder run old software during booting, this are my complains tanx expecting positive response.

  59. Please I made payment from access bank since on 13th and up till now it has not still come up please help me resolve this… iuc number 2022275664.(2000)

  60. Please, I subscribed with my zenith bank to IUC 2002983622 Yesterday and up until now, its not coming on. error message everywhere.
    IUC 2002983622
    my name is MAUREEN FREGENE
    PHONE: 08030951694

  61. Please help me activate my Gotv. IUC number, 4620912566. I subscribe with my FCMB ACCOUNT, it’s more than 24hours yet no channel is showing. Thanks.

  62. Hello DSTV Customer,

    Good morning all, I came to your office at Tiamiyu Savage on Tuesday 5th, 2018 to change my GOTV decoder that is bad.

    Which i was given another one with different account number from the old one i have, but the big issues i have now is that i have recharge the old decoder few weeks before it got spoil, and i mention that to the customer i met that i have money on the old decoder.

    Which she said no problem, they will transfer the money to the new decoder. But till now nothing as be done. Please advice

    Please here is my info:
    Account Name – Issa Rasheed
    Old decoder – 2009523118
    New decoder – 2019188681

    Best regards,

  63. I paid for gotv 08060774249….and it’s not still showing I paid through my zenith bank account. ..2028959410

  64. I subscribe yesterday night through my bank account still nothing to show up what is the problem. IUC 4622646423

  65. please i subscribe today at gotv office at simpson street, which there was a mistake on the receipt. the IUC NO on the receipt is 2022414611. which my own IUC NO is 2022114611. please help me out to correct it

  66. Just paid for gotv 7020828774….n it’s not still showing I paid through my zenith bank account. ..2004260891

  67. I subscribe my gotv on Friday and nothing is showing, i can only see searching for signal this is my IUC 7020891026

  68. Pls I bought the gotv yesterday and has been activated and up till now I can not view anything IUC no :7020870074

  69. I have subscribed with N1250 and my Gotv account is still not activated. All effort to call GOtv Nigeria Customer Care Number – 08039044688 prove abortive. IUC Number is 4622899046.

    Kindly assist to activate.

  70. I paid my subscription last week, but getting an error that my subscription has expired and I need to pay; what could be the problem

  71. please I have subscribed my Gotv since last two weeks but its not working still now.. I need a quick response to that.. thanks.
    IUC no 7018715413

  72. Good Morning Sir/Ma
    Last night i subscribed to my GOtv Plus through my mobile banking ATM and i was debited but up till now i haven’t be connected to watch any channels,I am Daniel Lateef Raji,my phone number is 08027640076 and my IUC number is 2019293401.
    Therefore i need your assistance on this issue

  73. gotv i don’t know why nigeria case is always pathetic,the keep showing outdated films over and over repeating the same movies am tired and fed up, can this happen in other countries……………….

  74. Please Gotv I just recharged my Gotv some minutes ago but up till now nothing has come up my iuc number is 2020627481 thanks

  75. I subscribed 1250 on my bank Mobile App but my channels are still not showing. I the sub on 2nd April.. Iuc no= 2028872861

  76. I wrongly paid to my old account 2019228482 that have been blocked instead of my new account 2021926062. Please I need your help

  77. I paid for my parents Gotv yesterday through quickteller but is still showing E16 message and I have tried clearing it with the *288# but is unable to reset and I have tried calling the gotv customer and I was answered by one of the personnel and yet my problem has not being solved and am tired of calling Gotv cause they always take time responding

  78. Good morning pls I was told that my channel 29and 12 has been resorted but up until now I have still not confirmed viewing please kindly restore those channels for easy viewing my iuc number 4613217056 and number 08138872282

  79. Please the customer care should help me activate my subscription… I subscribe through my mobile app. And up till now is not connected and I have been calling they will pick but not saying anything. Here is my Iuc 7017652750. My phone number+234 703 261 5752

  80. Helle..Good afternoon, i Subscribed for my gotv since three days now. And is not activated yet ….i pay for gotv max 3800…..This is the IUC number 4623385195

  81. I don’t want to believe that i have been defrauded but, i wonder why i will make payment for a subscription since last week and up till this moment, my decoder is not activated.
    my UIC number is 2029135807 (2,000) you guys really need to improve your service….

  82. i am not really finding your services funny anymore. i subscribed my gotv last night and i cannot imagine that your customer’s services are not even reliable to activate my subscription. even the online error code resetting is bullshit. now you’ve got my money and depriving me off your service. (fraud).

  83. hi I subscribed on my gotv since four days ago and no channel is showing and the painful part is DT wen d subscription expires u guys will disconnect me forgetting Dis is all ur fault please do something quickly my Iuc number is 2022749528

  84. Dear sir,,I subscribed my Gotv decoder yesterday 26/2/2018 with my mobile banking and my Gotv have not been activated..please look into it…my iuc number is 4622533936 …thanks

  85. Good afternoon I subscribe with Mobil banking some channel are not showing especially channel 29 i went to one of your office in ibadan elebu area one of your staff said I just wast my money by paying online assuming I gave him the #100 they charge online I will rectify the forth is it from Gtv management that said customer should be given them bribes before they can listen to the complain i want to because we are not a fool my Iuc is 4622749704

  86. Hey
    I subscribed my gotv last night 6th of January 2018
    With 1900
    My gotv is still telling me to subscribe after a successful sub I have done
    My IUC is 2022330404
    Please you guys should rectify this error
    You know how you normally call for subscription, gash

  87. I made a subscription for one month due to network issues I was debited four times meaning I have subscribe for four months how I can withdraw three months subscription my iuc number is 2028957071

  88. I was given free subscription for February 2018 on our 4613992354 but it has not been activated. Am really not happy with Gotv. I even called the customer care, they said it will be activated this morning but it has not been activated.

  89. I subscribed my gotv 6 of February 2018 with quick teller 1900 my iuc number is 2021859112 name arowolo tope please contact me 08034430129 08029989302

  90. I got this message on my phone and my decoder is not showing. “Congratulations! For staying continuously active, IUC 4613992354 has been rewarded with one month subscription as promised. Thank you for your patronage.”kindly look into it and rectify the issue.

  91. I am ekanola isiaka with iuc number 2029167415. I recharged my gotv since on the 31st of January up till this time the gotv has not worked showing e16 error. Please help out

  92. I subcribe my Gotv on the 31/01/2018 through first mobile app and my account has been deducted, uptill today i can not see any thing . my uic number 201954558 amount paid is #1900 Taiwo Shola please i need your help please. 08067302245

  93. Good evening, my February bonus is yet to be activated and I have received a text message that I have been rewarded for continues subscription.

  94. I was given bonus for the month of February for my continued subscription and my tv is not showing any station, please rectify this issue for me

  95. I am not happy with the service at all, you guys played with our mind you made us believe that Go tv max is the best while you just removed some channel from the normal bouquet which is plus and added them to max by increasing the price.

  96. I subscribed yesterday but some of the channels are not showing. channel 29 big brother nija . my iuc no is 4601736965. please kindly help in restoring the problem. thanks.

  97. please kindly activate my decoder. i subscribe yestaday at about 8;09pm 30/1/2018. and is not showing. kindly fix the problem.
    my iuc; 2019513157
    my phone number; 08139539458

  98. Am no longer happy with the service am getting from gotv. My is a waste because it keep on saying no channel found. I missed life show on Sunday till like today my 29 is not showing with other channels . Am no longer enjoying this and is very Abismal. My Iuc no is 4613676377. My phone no 08034142845

  99. Good morning, since yesterday most of the channel went out most especially my zeeworld please help now am waiting please my lcu number is 4622393782

  100. Sincerely Gotv has consistently been the worst TV network to watch,they keep on having scrambling channels which is so annoying, after subscribing that’s what you have all through the month.
    Scrambling channels and they are doing anything about it not to even apologize or refund by my money l think these is fraud in the highest order

  101. I subscribe 1900 on gotv and i wos charge double on the 17/01/2018. By 8:01pm iuc number 4601563549. I won’t to conferm if the other 1900 will cover another one month if it can pls send back my 1900 my account unity bank 0002907370.

  102. hello am one of the paga agent i recharge this GOtv number 2022430505 since morning with my paga account YMK VENTURES it does not show up till now and my customers are complain what is going on pls do something to it. thanks

  103. I paid my gotv plus bouquet yesterday at around 2pm (17/01/2018) and there is nothing yet even until today (18/01/2018). My decorder number is 2016866853

  104. I wrongly paid to a wrong account yesterday instead of paying to IUC No. 4601692992, I now type 4601692994 although I later recharge another one again, so please I will like you to please help me stop and credit my account. I payed through my UBA bank account no. 2060357401. Thanks.

  105. I paid for my Gotv subscription using quickteller since last Friday up till now it’s yet to be activated. my IUC number is this 7013570848

  106. I paid for subscription since 10th November this month. Till this very moment l have not been activated. I made payment through Union bank. Details deposit slip no 00014579,serial no 00130050650933, receipt no 1731429917. My IUC 2020766321. Payment made was N1,900. Please activate my account.

  107. i did online recharge on friday afternoon. i was debited and till today, my gotv is not still working my IUC number 201934716

  108. Comment:good afternoon. I recharged my GOTV 5 days ago but nothing to show for it. instead what am seeing on d screen is ” ur not permitted to view this channel.
    my IUC no:2029144089. my phone no: 07036472365. my name: Duru Thankgod.

  109. I did online recharge on Saturday evening. I was debited and till today, my subscription has been reactivated.

    my decoder number is 2003695569.


  110. My names are solomon obioha i recharged my gotv and i was charged double with my mobile app my decorder number is 4601871296 and phone number 08032757102 i am looking forward to your quick response regars.

  111. I subscribed 1900 on my Gotv with mobile banking and I was charged double on this date 18/09/2017, this is my decorder 4623577154, I wish my money to refunded.

  112. I am Musa Ismail with the IUC NO 4601758183. I have connected my go Tv after being inactive for almost a year due to relocation from Gboko as a result of job lost. I tried to reconnect my go tv yesterday and the information displayed on the Tv was no signal. What can possibly be the cause of this?
    Thank You.

  113. For more than two months now, my Gotv channels are blurred like it is raining. I have tried changing the position of the antenna but to no avail. It is becoming tiresome as I no longer enjoy the services being rendered. MY IUC NO is: 461311785.
    The last subscription Ref No is:888815010522.

  114. it is 3 straight days now that I have subscribed to Gotv lite with IUC NO: 2019512892 via phone, precisely 15\7\2017 @ about 7:59pm but it is most embarrassing that despite my quest not to be disconnected, Gotv lite failed me. Up till now I have not been reconnected. is Gotv lite a scam or something?
    The REF NO of the transaction is 10058388638.

  115. I just want to change my decoder which is having some technical problem 2022067365 transfer to 2017435627,already paid.

  116. Comment:made a payment for gotvlite1 on a wrong decoder.transfer from 2016988745 to 2028710954.both decorders are in my names.thanks

  117. I subscribed this morning 12/07/2017 but my due payment date is 13/07/2017 but my account is still N0.00,pls I don’t want to experience the embarrassment of disconnection,that’s why I pay upfront via bank transfer(2000) pls access my account and keep me connected pls.iuc=2020610446, via diamond bank mobile transfer,

  118. I Subscribed since on the 4th of July and up till now i cannot watch any program,it’s so annoyin. The worst part it that when am due or my subscription finish I’ll be cut off forgetting the fact that some days I couldn’t use it.pls attend to me as fast as possible please,make I flex am small 4623377655

  119. Please I subscribed since on Saturday 24/06/2017 through transfer from my Stanbic IBTC account but till now my decoder is not looking, here is my ICU number 4601678815

  120. Dear sir,,I subscribed my Gotv decoder today 23/6/17 with my mobile banking and my Gotv have not been activated..please look into it…my iuc number is 2021764173…thanks

  121. I subscribed since last week with mobile transfer but till now I have not being number is 4613939161.i paid 1900.thanks

  122. I subscribed earlier today but it’s yet to be activated. I do not like this kind of incompetence. Please do activate it, lemme start enjoying my money.

  123. I subscribed with my mobile banking n my gotv is still not working my smart card number is 2016908753 pls kindly look into this thank you.

  124. I what to Comment on gotv i dont like what gotv owne is doing hare can he or she doing on gotv lookout the are no free for air

  125. i did pay my decoder through mobile banking but untl now my decoder is not yet activatend,please help on this i dont know what to do now becouse the bank confirm it with a text that my payment is succesful !!


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