A new device from CoolPad which bears the code-name CoolPad A9S-9 has been spotted on benchmark website GFXbench. The device may not be an headline grabbing one but it grabs the headline on one front, just one front and that is in the aspect of the processor it is listed to tag along.

coolpad A9S-9
coolpad-A9S-9GFXBench Listing

The CoolPad A9S-9 is listed to feature a Helio P20 processor from chip-maker MediaTek. Now the Helio P20 chipset was introduced by MediaTek during the Mobile world Congress (MWC) in February this year and hasn’t been included in any smart phone just yet. That makes the CoolPad A9S-9 the first smart phone that will feature the Helio P20 chipset.

As a reminder, the Helio P20 is an upgrade from the Helio P10 chipset introduced last year. The P20 and P10 differs mainly on two fronts, the GPU and the frequency of the processor. While the P10 processor sported a 2GHz frequency, the Helio P20 sports a higher 2.3GHz frequency band. Also, the Helio P10 chipset packs a Mali-T860 MP2 clocked at 700MHz, while the Helio P20 was upgraaded to Mali-T880 MP2, clocked at 900MHz.  Apart from these, there are no noticeable difference between the two chips in the P family.


Still on the CoolPad A9S-9, the device is listed to pack a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front facing camera. On the memory lane, the CoolPad phone crams in 4GB of RAM, as well as 64GB of built-in memory which should be expandable.The device will boot an Android OS which is tipped to be Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


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