Cosmo Communicator Comes as Dual-Screen Phone


It looks like tiny Android but it is a Linux laptop. However, its name is Cosmo Communicator and it is a device created to correct the anomalies of Psion-inspired Gemini PDA.

Cosmo Communicator is the project of Riddiford’s Consultancy. It is created to address some of the drawbacks or shortcomings of the Gemini, a device created by Planet Computers in 2017. Riddiford also had a hand in the creation of Gemini. The Gemini is a six-inch display clamshell with a compact QWERTY keyboard.

Moreover, it is expected that the Cosmo will address issues that Gemini found it hard to attend to. These will be about making calls and taking pictures. In view of this, we can say that Gemini failed to be a smartphone replacement.

While the Gemini has only a single 5 MP camera, it also needed to be opened before the user can make a phone call. To scale these drawbacks, the Cosmo is given another 2-inch screen to the front so a user can make calls without opening it. It doesn’t mean that the original six-inch display screen will be taken off; no, but it will be used for work tasks while the keyboard is backlit.

The Cosmo hosts two cameras. The first normal 5 MP camera on the inside is retained and there will be another 24 MP external camera sitting above the 2-inch screen. Also, a new fingerprint reader will be below the camera.

The performance of the Cosmo shows it runs on Octa-core P70 processor, 6GB of RAM and 12GB of onboard storage that would normally mimic internal storage (ROM) in smartphones.

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Furthermore, the device comes with 4G and Wi-Fi support, two USB-C ports, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 4220 mAh battery that will serve it all day. It comes with Android 9.0 Pie and can also run Linux systems including Sailfish OS and Debian.

As the news will have it, Planet Computers have already raised more than it required. Initially, the company aimed for $200,000 USD on its Indiegogo campaign page. Planet has since got double that amount in just about a week. However, the Gemini campaign got up to $2.5 million from backers on Indiegogo.

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