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gaming pc e1552497769126

CPU or RAM? What has the most impact on a computer? – A user of our website has decided to ask a few simple questions about his new PC… And as usual in these questions, in general, it all depends on how you use your computer!

That is, if the application or applications you use in your day to day really need a lot of computing power, or if you just need to have a lot of open stuff, then it makes more sense to look at RAM. However, things can get a little more complicated than this! So let’s take a closer look at the thing.

Editor’s Note: First, I want to say that you should always try to have a balanced machine. That is, no component should stand out too much from everything else. That way you’ll be able to play or work with great quality without any major worries.

CPU or RAM? What has the most impact on a computer?

We need to know how useful we are to our machines in our daily lives. That is, to understand whether or not what we do gives importance to the number of cores we have in the processor.

If you just happen to use an application that doesn’t even use multi-threading, you can buy a 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen 9 3950X, which won’t make any difference in performance. By the way, the application can be a shame in using the computational power of your machine… But being a real beast in RAM consumption! A bit like the Google Chrome browser, which in the end is the nightmare of all RAM modules on the market.

That said, generally, between these two components, the most important is almost always the processor

The speed of your machine almost always depends on how long the CPU takes the information it throws up. That said, one must also take into account that the processor itself has super fast Cache memory right next to the processing cores, which it will use to store information.

If you don’t know… RAM is only used when there is no more space in the cache.

That is, it is always a good idea to have a good amount of fast RAM so that you can get everything running at an excellent speed.


In short, let’s give an example only and only with the speed in GHz (without getting cores and threads into the mix). If you have the choice between a 2.5GHz CPU and 8GB of RAM, or a 1.4GHz CPU and 16GB of RAM… You might want to choose the fastest CPU. Still, again, always choose the most balanced machine.

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