Crysis Remastered Nintendo Switch
Crysis Remastered Nintendo Switch

As you know, it was recently announced by Crytek, that Crysis Remastered was delayed for all platforms. While fans of the series wondered when the Remastered version will be released, an official statement came from the producer company today. With this statement, the Crysis Remastered Nintendo Switch release date has been announced.

According to the statement made on Crysis’s official Twitter page, we see that the Remastered version of the series will come only to the Nintendo Switch platform on July 23. For now, it is not known when the game will be released for other platforms. However, it is stated by the sources close to the producer company that the new release date of the game will be announced in the coming weeks.

Crysis Remastered
Crysis Remastered

Why Crysis Remastered Postponed?

If you remember, the curious trailer of the game was leaked with the leak in the past months. However, the fact that there was not much difference between the graphics in the leaked trailer and the original game was criticized by many players. The production company, which decided to improve the graphics of the game based on the negative comments on this leaked trailer, announced that the game was delayed in this direction.

Nevertheless, Crytek, who also made some statements on his official Twitter account, stated that the trailer of the game will be published, but the graphics of the game will be improved upon the negative comments, and that Crysis Remastered game will exceed the standards in  PC and console.

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