Cubot P20
Cubot P20

Cubot is known for its long tradition of making smartphones with balanced performance, yet having ultra-high cost performance. The company has done the same with Cubot P20, a device released on August 6, 2018. The amazing thing about this phone is the selling price which is just about 15 percent off the price of flagship phones in its category of mobile devices sold in 2018.

Here’s a smartphone that will not do what a one thousand dollars phone would do but it does enough of what many smartphone users want. This device may not be the magical mobile device of 2018, but it surely adds its own voice to the list of phones making an impact even as 2019 goes by. Just how does the phone look like? Please read on and take a few moments to look at the pictures.

Design and Display of Cubot P20

We opened the Cubot P20 box to see the phone inside a shiny cellophane sheet. The box, like the phone that we picked out later, were all in black color. There were also golden inscriptions or signs giving the buyer hints about what was inside each carton inside the main package.

P20 comes in a glossy back. That is a delight. But the color was not just black; towards the middle to the top, the color turns purple. The phone’s rear is a good matte framework. Take out the phone and see its reactions to lights filtering in from nearby and you will see the combination of beautiful exchange of lights as you look at the phone from various angles.

We were delighted by a few things when we looked at the notch area of Cubot P20. Of course, the notch area isn’t large at all. If you don’t pay attention, you may not be fully aware it is even there. But that is not all about the notch area. It is home to the light sensor, earpiece, and front camera. The curved screen looks very beautiful too.

Two cameras are situated to the rear. These have the LED flash sticking between them. Not far from those, the fingerprint sensor lies at the center of the upper quadrant of the chassis. It makes it very easy for the user to place his or her finger and open the device in case that type of security is used.

Flip the phone back and you can see that the display is IPS. Actually, the display size is 6.18, yet the device is easy to grip with one hand. The 19:9 aspect ratio makes this easy. A marvel at the front of the phone is a screen protector that has already been applied by the manufacturer and it stands so beautifully and naturally, that one may not notice it at first. We love the fact that Cubot P20 is 2246 x 1080 resolution pixels at the display. That is powerful enough, although a few other phones in this category come higher here.

Cubot P20 Box Contents

  • The smartphone
  • Charger (Head and Cord)
  • Silicon Case
  • SIM card tray removal tool (Pin)
  • Quick Start Guide, thank you note, Cubot compliance regulation, and EU Declaration of Conformity

User Interface

If you have taken out the P20 phone from the pack, hold it and long press the button below on the right side. The phone comes on. That is also the button you will press to off the phone. Above it, the long button is for volume up and down. Check out the red notification light on the top of the phone just opposite where you find the selfie camera.

Come down to the edge of the device and you will see the back, home, and menu buttons just in that same order. The USB interface can also be found there. Flip the phone over to the rear. To the left are the rear cameras.


The Cubot P20 is a 4G phone that comes with dual nano SIM slots. There are two of them in there. The user can look at the left side of the phone, use the pin ejector to remove the tray and place one nano SIM card or alternatively place a microSD card with a nano SIM card. In essence, there can be two nano SIM cards on the phone.

Performance & Storage

This handset is made powerful through the Octa-core chipset known as MT6750T clocked at 1.5 GHz. Although you can find the chipset in mid-range and low-end phones, it is very efficient in the Cubot P20 smartphone. The GPU is ARM Mali T860 MP2, while the operating system is Android OS v8.0 Oreo.

The storage level is good, for there is 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage in this device. A microSD card can further take things up to 128 GB if the user wants.

Cubot P20 Technical Specifications

Display 6.18 inches with 1920 x 2246 pixels
CPU MTK6750T Octa Core 1.5 GHz
GPU Mali T860
Internal Memory 64 GB
Memory Extension Up to 128 GB
Cameras 20 MP + 2 MP Main and 13 MP front camera
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/b/n, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS
Weight 167 grams
Dimensions 156 x 75.2 x 8.5 mm
Price $169.99


The Camera

Once you click on it, you can readily see that the camera is fully equipped for face beauty, photos, videos, and other features. Camera quality in this Cubot phone is nice. It comes as 20 + 2 MP at the rear and it is very functional and good. I would not recommend it in low-lighting conditions, though, or for zooming on far away objects so they could seem near. No, this main camera is not the best for that.

The shutter speed may annoy you if you have a penchant for using super-fast phones. But it is not that bad as some budget phones really get at in the camera department. Please give your Cubot enough seconds to really process the image and focus before you snap the picture.

There is no portrait mode in the camera features, the zoom is not as impressive, the blur feature only works for a small part which looks like a circle and does not cover much space. If you must use it, please ensure the place you want to have clearly depicted is in the small circle.

Going over to the front for the selfie camera, we could see the 13 MP lens that comes with the ‘beauty’ mode feature that we find is not very effective.


All of us like it when our phones can work longer without needing a charge. The Cubot P20 comes with a 4000 mAh battery. You can make use of that for the most part of the day and still have a little left to spare for the next day. There is no wireless charging for the device but there is a fast charging option which means the user can charge the phone from zero percent to full charge in about two hours.


The official price of Cubot P20 is $169.99. if you buy it for lesser, probably, there is a promo of some kind happening, such as when the phone was in pre-order mode. The standard price is what you see here. Yet, a used one may sell lower than the official price.


  • Good display
  • Powerful battery
  • Excellent for multi-tasking


  • Camera needs improvement
  • Not okay for gaming


We value the price at which the phone comes and what it could do. Of course, no one can compare the device to high-end mobile phones but it wins in some areas when we look at the performance and the camera. This is a phone with a shift from wanting to pay so much money for high-end but getting features that could get quite close to those often found in top-notched phones for lesser price.

Corners were cut but not so blatantly that anyone could easily get offended. The only areas which the user will get disappointed are at the camera department and the ability of the phone to cope with 3D games. We wait to see what more innovation the company will bring as 2019 passes by.

==> Disclaimer: Specifications, Features & Price Shown For The Above Device Was Entered Manually. We Can Not Guarantee That The Info On This Page Is 100% Correct. If You Think That Any Information For The Current Device Is Wrong Or Missing, Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us.

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