Customers lose interest in Huawei amid ban, opt for Xiaomi and Samsung instead


The US issuing a ban on Chinese giant, Huawei has been followed by all sorts of troubles for the company such as the company's inability to sell its new devices in countries where it has a huge brand presence. Reuters says that a product comparison website known as PriceSpy has reportedly seen significantly lower click rates in the past four days.

Everyone is turning their backs on Huawei and its not just network providers and Tech Giants. The past couple of days have seen Huawei smartphones slump in popularity. This is evident in the fact that Huawei phones have received almost half as many clicks as they did last week in the UK and 26% less from around the world.

The price comparison website, PriceSpy has insights on customers in Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, and the UK. While the US ban on Huawei has been followed by a mountain of events solidifying the uncertainty of the brand’s future in the smartphone business. This has left a void in these markets which have been quickly filled by both Xiaomi and Samsung.

PriceSpy also recorded a clickthrough increase of 13% and 19% for Samsung and Xiaomi devices respectively in the same period of time.

Huawei is currently feeling the effects of the ban all over the world and it currently finds itself being distanced from by American suppliers. The US government later adjusted the ban to allow the Chinese company to be able to continue from American suppliers until the 19th of August.

Yesterday, President Trump hinted that there is a possibility of the US government lifting the Huawei ban if the US can reach an agreement in a new trade deal with China as the two governments have been exchanging shots by imposing tariffs on each other’s goods.

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We don’t think the US ban on Huawei will last for very long. Although it feels like Huawei will get over it as soon as Trump gets what he wants from the ban, in reality, Huawei might spend a long time recovering from the event.


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