You can find the Share menu appearing in many Mac OS applications. Such applications as Notes, Photos and Safari are notable mentions. From the name, it is obvious what it does – to share files, data, items etc.

However, this feature can be modified depending on the application in use. It can be made to accommodate more options or you can trim down the ones already available. For some applications it might come with just a few options – which you’ll like to expand. But for others, maybe it’s just too much that you’ll like to trim down. For example, what you get in the Notes app would be different from that in the Photos app.

This aim of this tutorial is to show you (the reader) how you can customize the Share menu to befit your ‘taste’.

The places where you can share the files to are also dependent on whether you are connected to Internet accounts like Twitter, Gmail or the apps installed on your Mac.


Moving ahead, to customize the Share menu to meet your preference, open the specific app in question – Safari, Photos or any other. Click the Share button (indicated by a square with an arrow pointing upwards inside).

Next, click on “More”, and in the window that comes up (called the Extensions preferences), click on “Share Menu” at the left side.

To add new options to the Share menu, check their boxes and to remove the ones you don’t need, uncheck them. Note however, that you cannot remove some items such as messages or Mail – they are indicated with a grayed-out check box.

Whenever you are done, close the Extensions preferences window and check if the changes have taken effect. If they did not, you can try again and after several attempts you should get what you want.

The same process can be applied to the other applications you wish to customize their Share menu.

Final words

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Don’t forget to drop your questions below. And do well to connect with us on social media using any of the links below.

Have a good day.

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