DeepCubeA AI Can Solve Rubiks Cube In Just A Second
DeepCubeA AI Can Solve Rubiks Cube In Just A Second

Artificial Intelligence is slowly replacing humans in performing various activities. And sometimes, it proves to be smarter and efficient than humans. We have already heard of many AI programs which can solve Rubik’s Cube in a few seconds. There is a new entry to this list which claims to solve the Rubik’s cube in just 1 second.

For your knowledge, Rubik’s Cube is a prototypical combinatorial puzzle which has a large space with a goal state. The researchers have developed a new deep enforcement learning algorithm called DeepCubeA. These researchers are from the University of California, Irvine.

This AI took around 20 moves to solve the Rubik’s cube which is really a tough and a tiring task to do. Even many humans cannot even get halfway through it. But when talking about extraordinary people then there is a world record holder who has done this in 3.47 seconds taking 50 moves.

There are billion of ways to solve a Rubik’s Cube but there exists the only arrangement which leads to the goal state. In simple meaning attaining a goal state in Rubik’s Cube means that you have successfully solved it, making each side of the cube showing a single color.

DeepCubeA can solve this in a fraction of second without having any specific knowledge in this field or any type of training from humans. The researchers have published an article in Nature Machine Intelligence and explained that their AI program has worked with 100% accuracy. They have also tested it on all aspects.

This type of projects helps in a deeper understanding of reasoning and strategy adopted by the AI and use it to create more advanced AI programs.

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