Currently, there are two types of Chromebooks commercially available on the market: those that can replace a Windows machine, costing between $ 300 and $ 500; and the cheapest ones created for schools and students, ranging in price from $ 200 to $ 300.

Generally, only Chromebook premium models have desirable features such as a good processor, touchscreen, and convertible hinges that allow you to turn it into a laptop. But the new 5000 series from Dell seems to strike a middle ground.

The first device announced for the manufacturer’s catalog is the Chromebook 5190, with 11-inch screen and 2-in-1 option. It has a black plastic housing which covers a “sturdy” chassis. In addition, the machine even comes equipped with a USB-C port for file transfer and upload, a USB-A port, and a microSD card slot.

Dell also would have prepared an Intel Celeron quad-core processor, instead of the more usual dual-core for cheap notebooks. Other details, such as storage, RAM and screen options, will only be announced next month when the Chromebook 5190 will hit the market for $ 289.

This is the third brand to announce laptops with Chrome OS this year. Earlier this month, both Acer and HP unveiled their new machines equipped with the Google operating system.


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