Design improvements come to Google Maps Web


Google is improving Google Maps on the web version as well. The Mountain View company has worked hard to bring Material Design 2.0 to all its services and applications and Google Maps Web is next. 

We can not say that the design update is gaudy because it is not. This is an elegant refreshment of what is one of the most important services ever.

Google Maps begins gradually to lose the design that had in the directions and information of places, to give us a cleaner and more elegant design. Material Design 2.0 has come to give us more "white" and less colored shades. Contrary to what happened to the first Material Design that came out with the Android Lollipop update. 

Google Maps on the Web accompanies the new design of the Android application

As we can see in the examples below the changes are not super relevant, however, it shows us the US company's commitment to standardize its software experiences. Needless to say, it is not pretty to go to Google Maps on the smartphone and have one design and the computer have another. Although Google Maps is more used on the smartphone than on the web, I still find it relevant to update the design.

However, the new design has not yet reached all users. From this side, I still can not confirm the new style. The staff at AndroidPolice managed and took screenshots by comparing the small differences with the previous version. Differences that you can see in the images throughout the article.

In short, this is a small change and probably not very important. However, I keep saying that it's good to see Google not forget the web version of their most used applications. 

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