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In a Twitter post that is only some couple of hours old, Nick Fox, Google’s VP of Communications Products, broke the news of a Desktop version of Google’s Allo messenger being developed. He as well shared an early look showing how the desktop messaging platform could look like.

Last year, Google launched the Allo messaging application. The acceptance and usage of the app was booming on a daily for about a month or so… until it reaches its point of diminishing return. Remember that the Allo messenger had over 5 million downloads in the first four days after launch. The current 10 million downloads it has on PlayStore showed how slow its growth has been.

Now, Google in a bid to revive the messenger, I think, is working on a desktop version of the Google Allo. Perhaps Google has gone back to the drawing table, done its homework and is coming back with what we choose to call the “Desktop Allo”.

See Nick’s tweet below;

According to Fox, the screen above is from an early version of Allo’s web interface (Desktop Allo). It appears to be running in Chrome on a Mac. The screen has many of the things we’ve become accustomed to in Allo including smart replies, stickers, and Assistant.

Any Allo user reading this should know that you can only sign into one device at a time on your smartphone. Also, all of your chat data will be deleted permanently if you ever switch devices. These are things that are not the case for top messaging platforms and should-be rivals, WhatsApp.

Apparently, the Desktop Allo move depicts that it has dawned on Google that for a chat app to succeed, it requires multi-device functionality (ability to work on multiple device) so that you can use it on a wider range of devices.

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