Diamond Bank
Diamond Bank

Are you a diamond bank account holder with any issues or complaints? If yes, then read on as this piece is definitely for you. We will be helping you get in touch with a diamond bank customer care representative.

Diamond bank is a very big bank in Nigeria that carries out so many transactions on a daily basis. With this comes the inevitable transactions problems like money sent/Money debited but not received by the other party or deductions you just aren’t understanding. We’ve all been there.

Luckily, Diamond bank has their customer care representatives working around the clock; 24/7 to answer any questions you might have about their products and services or any issues that need resolving pronto. As a diamond bank account holder, you should have the Customer care phone number saved on your mobile phone in order to be able to reach them at any time.

If you have an internet enabled device, You can also connect with them across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and their live chat on their website.

Please Note: No Diamond Bank Customer Care will or should ask you for your sensitive/private data like ATM Card PIN, CCV number, ATM Card Number, BVN number or Mobile Banking App password/PIN. Please Do not divulge the aforementioned details to anybody over the phone.

Diamond Bank Customer Care Phone Numbers

Dial any of the following phone numbers to speak to a diamond bank customer care representative.

+234-1-2620740 – 9

You should also save the phone numbers for easy and quick access to a diamond bank customer care representative.

How To Get In Touch With A Diamond Bank Customer Care Representative(s) Online

Got an internet enabled device? If Yes then you can Chat with them live on their website. You can also send any complaints or issues you might have to their email address; complaints@diamondbank.com.

If you are a social media person or have a social media account then you can simply tweet at them or send them a direct message on Twitter @DiamondBankHelp or send a message to their Diamond Bank Facebook Page.


If you are a diamond bank account holder then you definitely need to have the phone Numbers of their customer care stored on your phone. Probably follow them on Twitter and Facebook too. Just for those days, you wouldn’t have enough airtime for a phone call, you can simply just tweet at them or message then both on Facebook and on Twitter and have the issue resolved.

Got any more questions concerning diamond bank Customer Care Phone Number and How to get in touch them? Drop a comment down in the comment section and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Good day to you! I have being trying to get my account number through the various codes but instead I was directed to give the account number I am enquiring of. I do not understand. I do not remember my account number and still, the platform codes is still asking that I give my account number. What do I need to do or do I go about it to get my account number through my phone.

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