NAPS Service

Diamond Bank is pleased to inform everyone abouit the introduction of its new payment system, NIBSS Automated Payments System (NAPS).

The NAPS service offers you the convenience of initiating single payments for goods and services, vendor/supplier payments, allowances and other personal remittances with your beneficiaries receiving value within 24hours in any bank account in Nigeria.

With NAPS service you can initiate funds transfers, direct debit services, schedule delivery and all forms of payment instructions to other bank accounts in Nigeria. It is designed to replace the current Instant Payments module at the branch.

The Diamond NAPS service has the following features and benefits:

  • Seamless Inter-Bank funds transfer
  • Account validation at the point of payment
  • Instant advice through e-mail and SMS alerts
  • Availability of extensive and robust reporting function to address reconciliation challenges

For enquiries, simply walk into the nearest Diamond branch, call 07003000000 or email


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