billboard iphone 7 plus
billboard iphone 7 plus

Behold! The extinction of the digital camera is coming sooner than we expected.

Of course people rarely pay patronage to photograpers these days. Not their fault though, the advent and crazy evolution that smartphone cameras have experienced over the years is to be blamed.

We take selfies, passport photographs, hangout pictures and even birthday memories are captured with our smartphone cameras nowadays. It’s only understandable when you see photographers diverifying into some other line of career path. They love their job, obviously, but mobile phone shooters have become an alternative to the need for their services… and they gotta survive right?

For those who still opine that smartphone cameras cannot and will not work as perfect as the real deal (digital cameras), just read on as your bubble is about to be bursted.

Billboard, one of the biggest music publications in the United States and in the world, has just released its latest issue. Guess what device was used to take the cover photo. It was an iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus to be more precise. Hey critics, how’s that for savagery!?!

This is yet another incredible feat in the history of smartphone photography. Now let’s move down to the details of the photo.

The figure in the photograph is ex-Fifth Harmony singer Camilla Cabello. Her body figure was shot against a blurry Beverly Hills background, an effect that was achieved by the iPhone 7 Plus’ exclusive Portrait Mode. The Portrait Mode functions by combining the input from the device’s dual rear-facing cameras.

Although the output of the shot was later on modified and edited using special lighting and post-production editing, it still goes a long way to prove that a mobile device is gradually finding its way into professional settings.

This, however, isn’t the first time we would see an iPhone being used for such a unbelievable task. Someone somewhere, far back 2015 has successfully utilized an iPhone for such endeavor. The iPhone 5S was used to shoot Tangerine, the 2015 feature film which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. Yeah, it’s amazing, but don’t drop that jaw for the second time.

Miller Mobley, the photographer behind the Billboard cover was said to be super enthusiastic about the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait Mode. In his words,

“It’s amazing as a photographer to see how technology has so rapidly changed now that the phone in your pocket can also be a high-end camera.”

It all wasn’t rosy though as he did encounter few problems, like the way the Portrait Mode handles hair and all that but the resulting image was a wonderful product that was worth every single bit of the time and effort taken. I mean it on BILLBOARD front cover. What else could a photographer wish for. LOL

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