iPhone X
iPhone X

Rumors are that Apple will introduce three new versions of the iPhone X this year. And recently, screenshots of three new generation models have been officially revealed.

Recent reports predict that Apple will release three new iPhone versions in September. All three will have the same design as the iPhone X but the size will be different and the cheapest version will also be equipped with LCD panels instead of AMOLED as before.

Images posted on the screen of the next three generations of iPhone are quite sharp and clear. Thus, it is possible to see the 6.1-inch version in the middle will have thicker borders, the other two versions will be owned by the thin bezel, which may be thinner than the current iPhone X many times.

Apple is the first manufacturer to make the screen edges of the thinnest phone, so the 6.1-inch version is a bit thicker and compared to the current non-edge phones it’s still Nice and much simpler.

The new iPhone is expected to be available in September. In it, the 6.1-inch version is expected to be the cheapest, starting at about $696.98. The 5.1-inch OLED display with dual camera clusters will cost more with additional $98.95, the most advanced version of the iPhone X Plus will cost more than $ 1000. In addition, according to predictions from experts, the iPhone X Plus will also be equipped with up to 3 cameras on the back.

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