Many people today use anonymous browsing windows to search all sorts of things on the Web. Whether it’s to see things on sites that only the user in question can know, or even be able to buy items at lower prices. (Bearing in mind that your browsing data is not stored in the browser, and your searches on sales websites are not personalized.)

However, the big problem in the middle of all this is that there are people who think that anonymous browsing windows make their experience on the Web much safer, which is a big lie. After all, although it seems that you are under a cloak of invisibility when you browse an anonymous tab, this is just an opinion and in reality, your device can be easily monitored and detected.

Do you usually open incognito windows in Chrome? Be careful!

So, in case you don’t know how it all works, we have to inform you that anonymous browsing windows are only used to avoid storing login data, browsing history and cookies in the browser. This of course is, if we are talking about platforms like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Thus, each time the user opens an anonymous tab, it is as if he were browsing there for the first time. What, while not protecting your privacy 100%, ends up having its great advantages.

However, the protection provided by anonymity is only locally, where no one can access what you have searched for through your device. But that does not mean that it has not been monitored while browsing the Web, that it cannot catch viruses in the same way and that your personal data cannot be stolen during this entire process. So if you happen to think you’re 100% safe browsing an anonymous tab in Chrome. Be very careful, because Google continues to know what each user is doing or searching for.

Find Version Of Google Chrome

In short, if the intention is in fact to achieve 100% anonymous and safe navigation. The best thing is to try to find a platform that really allows you to do something like that, and not use Chrome as you usually do.

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