iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera scaled
iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera scaled

As technology evolves, the equipment that arrives in our hands turns out to be authentic walking computers! What is clear, also opens the door to computer attacks, which put us and those close to us at risk.

That is, now more than ever, our privacy is almost always on the table. That said, we know that these kinds of problems happen mainly on computers. Where even the FBI chief has warned of the dangers by advising everyone to cover their Webcams. However, it seems that Smartphones are also becoming an easy target, probably too easy.

Be very careful! Your iPhone’s camera may already have been attacked!

So, it seems, the iPhone’s protection system against Hackers has some flaws. And given that no one seemed to believe what was being said, former Amazon engineer and Hacker Ryan Pickren decided to prove that the iPhone’s camera can also be a desirable target.

Thus, last December a test was made to Safari in search of hidden vulnerabilities, the former engineer ended up finding 7 security flaws quite serious for iOS and macOS. Where three of them allowed Ryan Pickren to access cameras on a particular iPhone.

However, there is nothing to worry about anymore because apparently Apple has already managed to solve the problem. This is clear, with the help of the great Ryan Pickren who ended up receiving a big fee for reporting the problem.

In short, if you happen to have an iPhone, excuse to stick tape in front of the camera because the problem is already solved. Well … at least if you’re on the latest version of iOS.

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