MIUI 11 continues to reach more and more devices with the added benefit of more performance as well as new features. In fact, Xiaomi never tires of adding new functions to its interface. That said, you’ll have two new tools to help students focus. This is undoubtedly an excellent idea considering that many of the Xiaomi smartphone users are studying. Because of the value for money, this brand attracts a large number of students who want a lot of features and performance without hurting the wallet. Now that MIUI 11 gets even more functions, it will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention.

Do you like Xiaomi? MIUI 11 gets two big news!

The first news is something that will allow students to focus. The user can set a time count of up to 90 minutes and during that time it will only be possible to make emergency calls and take photos. It is a kind of smartphone lock through software. Likewise, it also controls equipment uptime and allows you to generate statistics. You can enable focus mode in Settings> Screen time management.

Next up are the customizable lock screens that had already been promised when MIUI 11 was released. Now they have extra customization options, allowing users to select their own colors, captions, photos, and even emojis. Even notification icons are customizable. That said, you can choose where they appear, which icons are on the lock screen, and even the text colors. It is helpful for users to see all the information quickly without having to unlock their smartphones.

Finally, we have curriculum mode. It is essentially a student-oriented calendar where you can make notes for any day. Not much information has been provided, but it seems much more robust than the default calendar application.

In fact, Xiaomi does not stop innovating in what for me is one of the best interfaces ever.

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