World Of Tanks Cross Play
World Of Tanks Cross Play

World Of Tanks was released in 2010, only arriving on PS4 later. However, from a very early age it started to be a huge success among the players. And taking into account that at the moment the title is free to download, it is perfectly normal that this is one of the most popular and played “MMOs” on the market.

That said, we know that Cross Play will spice things up even more and maybe even increase the popularity of this game. After all, starting on July 21st it will finally be possible to play with friends who are on Xbox One or against him if you prefer.

Do you play World Of Tanks? Cross-Play between PS4 and Xbox One arrives tomorrow!

So if I happen to play World Of Tanks then you will be very happy with this great news. After all, Cross Play between consoles has been one of the most requested things by fans since practically when the game came out. And taking into account that it will arrive tomorrow, the best thing is to stay tuned to all the news.

But here’s what Wargaming said about all this: 

World Of Tanks
World Of Tanks

“Cross-Play is coming to World Of Tanks on consoles, allowing Xbox One and Playstation players to play together or against each other. So get ready for all the changes already on the 21st of July.”

In short, if you still don’t play World Of Tanks yet, you were interested in learning more about the game. Search for the title on both consoles and you will see that it is completely free. However, if on the other hand you already play this great title then you just have to wait for the implementation of Cross Play tomorrow.

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