Dolby Vision coming to Xbox One but only for Netflix

Support for Dolby Vision arrives on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X gaming consoles. Xbox Wire confirmed that support came as part of the Preview 1810 update that has been released since Wednesday 11 July.

Dolby Vision is a format that serves to show the high dynamic range (HDR) and is better than the more common HDR10 format as it is able to transmit dynamic metadata – which changes in every frame – instead of being static. Dolby Vision means greater contrast, brightness, and deep blacks. Dolby Vision is supported by Netflix content providers, Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and Vudu and TV manufacturers including Sony and LG. However, at debut only the Netflix app is enabled for Dolby Vision on Xbox One, so no Dolby Vision from 4k Blu-ray discs.

Microsoft has already introduced support for Dolby Atmos space audio on Xbox One and the combination of this with Dolby Vision will make these consoles among the most complete in terms of technology for cinema fans.

The Xbox system update that introduces the Dolby Atmos is currently only available to the Xbox Insider members but will be publicly available for everyone in the coming weeks.

In order to see in Dolby Vision not only need to have the Xbox One updated with such support but you must also have a TV compatible with Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision

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  1. Henry Collins says

    This is getting interesting. Xbox is stepping up the game with integration of new features.

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