Boxing Star game 6
Boxing Star game 6

Star Boxing is a sports game genre simulators, here you will start becoming a new amateur boxer in the world of boxing by FourThirtyThree Inc. developed. With the help of Emma’s manager, the player will begin his career as a boxer. After making the instructions, you will be creating a character, the type of character that you can choose.

The attractions in the Star Boxing Mobile game

After you create the character, Emma will take you into a new interface. In this interface you will look at the left corner with a task list with a small circle with Emma’s face, right next to it, there is a big screen that shows your character and there are 4 tournament prizes You can get when you win, then there is a story mode in the lower left corner and the upper right corner has another option for you to explore.

1. Mode of this game

This game has 2 different game modes, ie Story Mode and League mode. About Story mode, you will play as amateur boxers and need to try to become a professional boxing player. In this mode story, you will deal with people to continue.

For League mode, you will face resistance against players around the world. Your opponent will be selected at random and if you win you will receive a League prize containing accessories and equipment that can add to your boxing ability. There are 7 levels for the requirements of the Federation.

In addition to the two game modes, to enhance the character’s abilities, Boxing Star game also provides some features in this game full of drama and boxing skills that we can find on Training. In it, you can buy skill sets and upgrades using training points. In addition to strengthening by practicing, you can also improve the character’s condition by using devices such as gloves and protection.

There is also PVP mode where we can try to hone skills against other players doing with sparing & friends, to play with their friends.

2. Attractive combat system

A complex boxer management system, aimed at capturing players in the game can progress continuously. In which About the battle system, the game works wonderfully: the response controls in a fairly simple response, simplifying different scenes and typical defensive manipulation of boxing with sports. A simple touch on both sides of the screen. The pressure of the people in the battle is mainly focused on the ability to avoid attacks and capture the opponent’s weaknesses to maximize the damage inflicted by your counterattack.

Download Boxing Star game APK now to play this new simulation game

3. Graphic of Boxing Star

With this game, it also has beautiful 3D graphics, but it does not go in the true direction, like the real thing. But here it has cartoon characters, which helps players experience better. But the strength of the Boxing Star IOS game is that it has quite an eye-catching effect, helping players feel the whole game clearly.

Best Boxing Star tips & tricks

1. See your stamina!

See your fighting clock bar? That is your stamina meter. Whenever you are punched or blocked, you lose a bit of stamina. The lower your stamina, the slower your punch will be, so don’t let it drop too low!

If your combat power point drops to O, your attacks will be very slow. Don’t forget to stop and take a break to recover your fighting power!

However, in this game there is a new point, if your stamina drops too low, you can get the option to wrestle your opponent. Find a yellow button that appears next to the right button to dodge.

2. Use attack operations!

Your main attacks are jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. in which Jabs is very fast but deals very little damage, while the shortcuts are slow but deal great damage. The hook is in the middle, and uppercuts will give you pretty damage. Do not use the same type of attack multiple times at a time because the opponent is predictable – use clutter skills to make your opponent unidentifiable.

You can unleash a non-stop attack with jabs, or you can wait for your opponent to attack first and launch powerful attacks.

Play well and win to get more good items of Boxing Star PC

Remember that dodging hooks or shortcuts will slow down the time and present you with strong access attack opportunities! Accurate attacks on your face will stun your opponents, slow their attacks and make them more vulnerable!

3. Understand complex skill system!

Make sure you play and get used to this mobile game’s battle system. You will need all the skill points you can get because the skill system in this game is very complicated! You start with a stance box and a skill box.

This way, you can unlock an additional box if you pay 50 gold, and because you get about 200 coins for free simply by starting the game (you should buy a new supplement).

The skill has one of four colors, and these colors determine what kind of skill is. The green skill belongs to the “Counter Master” attribute, and as you can guess by the name these skills focus on powerful counterattacks.

The purple skill belongs to the “Stunner Hunter” attribute, causing you to deal more damage to stunned enemies.

The blue skill belongs to the “Stamina Burner” attribute, which will increase your attack power when you have high stamina.

The yellow skills belong to the “Lucky Puncher” attribute, which is a random boost to your attacks.

Choose the appropriate skill set depending on how you want to fight. Do you like to play defense and wait for your opponent to have a chance to attack? Try the Counter Master or Stunner Hunter skills. Do you attack? Stamina Burner set for you!

Above all of this, remember that every stance is strong and weak compared to another. Green beats, yellow, yellow beats, purple, and purple beats blue. Simply having a stance with the advantage of being equipped, ALL of your attacks will deal increased damage.

Also, while you can mix and match skills freely, it is best to stick to an attribute. For example, if you equip a blue stance and blue skills, you will trigger a combined bonus and your skills will be enhanced.

4. Use extra equipment to power up the punch

Using more assistive devices is the best way to win Boxing Star

You will get the equipment from the match mode story and tournament. You can equip them with your character. Click on the gear section in the menu and then click “Manager”. Choose a glove to equip gloves by clicking on the empty space below your character.

There are many different types of equipment: Some power up for many different types, such as hooks, stones, punches … And of course, it is very beneficial if you, if you want to reduce the enemy’s power in a way fast. Choose the best glove before joining the match. You can make them stronger by upgrading them with a device of the same type.

You can also equip your character with protective gear (mouth guard and groin guard) to enhance your defenses against the opponent’s punches and hooks.

7. How to revive your character

When you fall down, you can revive by quickly using those red arrows. You will immediately recover if you see the ad. The video will play after the game ends. If you don’t want to see the ad, make sure you quickly click both arrows with your thumb to revive before the countdown ends.

Try to destroy the opponent in this boxing game

8. Join the tournament (League)

Besides Story Mode, you will be able to enter the round in League matches. Winning these matches will help you earn Stars. When you achieve higher rankings in the current League that you are competing with, you will be awarded with a reward box type of certain categories. Fight hard and beat the online competition so you can increase your rankings and collect as many reward boxes as possible!

9. Restore HP

There is a defensive icon on the bottom left of the screen. Press and hold the icon to block enemy attacks. If you have less HP, this will also increase the character’s HP.So be sure to keep that symbol in battle.

10. Earn S-Coins

When playing a game, try to accumulate S-coin by completing the achievement tasks in the Tab Veteran or linking your Facebook account to Boxing Star and adding friends in the game or sending them gifts. After earning S Coin, spend them in the Swank section of the management tab. S-coins can buy many useful items for you or earn you other rewards.

11. Unlock the fighting style

Once you reach a certain level in Boxing Star, the player will have the option to unlock fighting styles. Unlock as much as possible and try them all to find the one that best suits your boxing style. The more you have in your arsenal, you will become a better warrior.

Remember that different types of combat can give you a competitive advantage or weakness. For example, Lucky Puncher makes your boxers weaker against opponents using Counter Master. On the other hand, Lucky Puncher skill better demonstrates the skills of Stunner Hunter. However, Stamina burner is weaker when confronted with Stunner Hunters.

Download Boxing Star game: Fighting game on Android

This exciting game is now officially released, you can install the game to enjoy.

Download:  Google Play  /  AppStore

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