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The latest game from the developer of popular games like Clash of Clans and Clash RoyaleSupercell is now available in Canada and other regions for the experimental launch phase on iOS and Android (coming soon). Brawl Stars is probably arguably the best game of the Overwatch version from mobile phones.

In the game, there will be a group of 15 heroes shooting each other in multi-player matches, lasting about three minutes each game. Each hero can be upgraded, customized and your account level up and earn privileges when you go on a mission or fight. In short, this is another amazingly addictive game from this famous studio.


Brawl Stars is a team-based, top-down shooter game, mixed with things like Characters and graphics similar to Clash Royale. In the game, there is no timer and no time to build a mechanism. The only limiting factor is the amount of money you can earn from the war. And because coins are what you use for loot boxes, and loot boxes will give you new heroes, skins, and upgrades.


There are four types of combinations, spread across many different maps. Bounty has two teams of 3 people facing each other to collect stars from the map and kill other players. The team with the most stars before the end of 3 minutes will win. When you kill other players, your star increases, so if someone kills you, don't worry too much.

Another mode is Smash and Grab - here two teams will see three gems collected in the center. The first team has 10 gems and can hold them for about 20 seconds without less than 10 wins. The same rule as Bounty applies - if you die, you will drop your gem and the enemy will get it. There is also Heist, where two teams of three must defend a spoiler while trying to get more of the other team's spoils. And finally, there is a Showdown - a royale that fights 10 players on a map that is constantly narrowed with gas that kills people outside the safe zone. And simply live to the end to win, when you collect elixir, you can be stronger and not die in this game.


There are two control modes in Brawl Stars: Controls to move and Touch to move. The former is default on devices with larger screens like the iPhone 7 Plus, while the latter is defaulted on smaller devices. Or phones work well, and everyone plays, plays with both controls in practice matches to see what works best. In which the joystick mode is selected, When touching to move, you must swipe to shoot the enemy, but this has the disadvantage of having lower accuracy than the touch to shoot you use when in need mode control. Either way, you may be stuck with the Joystick to Move, so be careful.


When you play, you will earn money to buy brawl boxes or you can buy real money with gems to buy them. Some people will see this as Pay to Win, so buyers beware - loot boxes that come with hero upgrade potions can be used to boost, attack and speed up on the move. But you can also get all the same upgrades through normal gameplay, but it will have limits on the development of each hero.

There are also skins to buy for each hero, and you earn new heroes from the already loot boxes. If you get a copy, they will turn into Chips, which is used to completely buy the new heroes you may be missing. Each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses, super abilities, etc. You cannot buy a hero with gems directly. Each brawl box costs 100 coins or 10 gems, and you will be able to earn a bit every day before running out of money to earn free daily. Also, you get money by earning trophies with your heroes, so you can always keep playing and ranking to get more money.

Best Brawl Stars tips and tricks

1. Take control.

In the middle of the Grab Gem event, is a gem box during the match. Controlling this box is a sure way to win the game because you will have more gems than your opponent. But if you are captured by the enemy, then continue to move towards your enemy and then get the gems. In addition, the team is the most powerful when all 3 of you are together, so try to stick together.

Control of the character in Brawl Stars IOS is very important

2. Be healed

! To restore blood, you need to stop firing. But this is quite dangerous, but there are many ways to heal and avoid being killed. You can hide in some bushes and ambush enemies when you have enough blood. You can also walk around, as long as you don't shoot anyone.

3. Strike as hard as you can

In Brawl Stars if you fire whenever you have a chance, you will be able to meet many enemies. And in combat situations, you need to stand in close range to deal damage to the enemy, after dealing damage, you should retreat, then you have to load enough bullets, recover more blood and keep running into attacking the enemy. And don't let the enemy have time to think, attack really hard.

Use your Special Attack. Each character has a special attack that can destroy your enemy or the area where your enemy is hiding. The problem is how and when you use your special attack because you don't want to waste it. Each special skill has a certain range, so don't use it if it's too far away from your opponent and can help your prey easily escape.

4. Use bushes to hide

You can feel safe when hiding in a bush, but bullets can still hit you. So if you see someone going into the bush, you can shoot into the bush. Usually, people hide in the bush to heal, so you will be able to win the game. If you notice many enemies lurking in the same bush, you can use your special skills to clean them up and temporarily destroy their hiding places.

The dispute is Battle Royale. What I want to say is that if you played PUBG or Fortnite then you would know, all about securing people. The map is getting smaller and smaller and there can only be one winner. So you should apply the play style in Showdown mode like any Battle Royale game you play. Also, when you want to avoid detection, using bushes or walls to hide is a good idea in this cool mobile game.

Play 2vs2 in Brawl Stars MOBA

5. Tips when playing in Showdown mode

  • Introduction to Showdown Mode: basically acts as a Battle Royale game - 10 players are put into an arena, only one Slo (or Duo) player will win the only survival. Like the battle royale game, you will gradually be forced to the center and you can get supplies to help you survive on the road. Of course, things happen faster here than any other combat experience, and these tips can help ensure victory.
  • Power up: There are many chests placed around the arena, you can open it to get items to increase strength. This is obviously good for damaging enemies, only those chests require you to shoot them to open them. This means you will make the position, so be careful
  • Be careful with the BO ring: When you play, there will be a miniature circle, pushing you towards the center. Mist outside the safe area deals great damage if you get stuck out there. So run into the safe area immediately.
  • Ambush: There are countless tall grass bushes in the arena, and hiding in it will make a difference. Stay still for a long time and you can recover, in addition to ambushing the enemy. Also, remember to hide behind the wall to avoid bullets. This is especially useful if you are having a nearby enemy.

6. How to earn points of strength and money QUICKLY

  • Token chest: When you complete the game achievements, you will earn the chest code (Tokens Cheat). Each 100 Tokens can be exchanged for a chest. The chest will give you lots of power points and coins, which you will be able to use in the future. Both are needed to power your character, so keep fighting and earning those tokens.
  • Tokens Stars: It's like a cheat code (Cheats Token), as long as you need 10 of them for a chest. But these chests are a little better. You will only get them in certain situations after a victory and will bring better rewards. Earning 10 tokens 10 is much harder than 100 tokens, but keep fighting and that's just another source of strength and coins.
  • Trophy: When you win the game with the characters, you will earn trophies, which will bring you great rewards every season. Earn as many titles as possible and you will unlock many different rewards. Coins, strength points, new characters, and more. You will receive rewards after 50 titles until you have a total of 1,000.
    There are many game modes in Brawl Stars Mobile

7. How to play Grab Gem mode of Brawl Stars

  • Winning Conditions: Enter the Grab Gem mode, you have the main goal: get gems. The only thing is, if you die, you will drop all the gems you have taken, leaving your opponent. Your team needs to get gems and keep them, so try when you get gems and defend when you need to keep them.
  • Gems will appear from a pillar in the center of the map - this will obviously be a disputed point for both teams. You should lurk nearby in the tall grass is a good idea, lying waiting to ambush any enemy who strayed too close. If you have a long-range fight, then you should heal well before rushing in to get the gems, while if you are close, use special skills.

8. How to play Heist Hax mode

Heist Hax is a game mode on the battle stars, in this mode 2 teams, there are 3 people facing Heist of gem and here A team tries to protect safety in their revival area, in when the other team tries to attack that area.

To open the safe, the attacking team must cross the map to attack the enemy and fire until it is destroyed, and the gems fall off.

If the security team can safely protect the entire time, it will be the winner!

  • Attack - Use El Primo to speed up and distract the team, Use Colt to ward off enemies and vault. (Using his special attack to shoot right into the tank/tunnel), Barley and Dynamike are perfect to surround and attack the entire area around the tank/tunnel.
  • Defensive: Jessie defends against his tower, El Primo will jam and repel enemies and is similar to Dynamike and Barley.
    Raising your character stats will help you get stronger, but make lots of gold

9. Characters in the Brawl Stars game

  • Class S

1. El Primo (Tank) - This is a S-type character and can use his special skill to deal great damage and escape when less hp. It's really hard to run away from him this character in the game

2. Barley (Mixed) - The character has a great playstyle. Do you throw his attack in the center to prevent his enemy from taking precious stones and specials that are extremely dangerous?

  • Grade A

1. Nita (Mixed) - A cute character. Very good at defense with tanks, and also good for attacks. In a direct confrontation without specialty, Nita often loses, but that rarely happens.

2. Jessie (Mixed) - Add a defensive character. Her fixed gun is really annoying when dealing and she can get a bit of damage from shooting enemies.

3. Poco (Support) - His normal attack is extremely simple to use and almost always attacks. But bear when playing 1v1, there is only an easy way to kill him when the team is up

4. Shelly (Support / Support) - The character is quite basic. Her gun is really good (requires few targets) and her special is just the average character type. She can work as well as support

  • Grade B

1. Colt (Support) - Long range, especially great, only the reason he's not A is because his attack is narrow and easy to avoid.

2. Dynamike - While he supports well, he cannot do many things on his own. His best use is hiding behind a wall and stuffing explosives. In a direct confrontation, it only wins if it has special skills. 

  1. Grade C

Bull (Tank) - His specialty is an attack skill, and his gun has a terrible range. El Primo is a pretty strong character to play.

Guide Token Star and unlock big boxes

1. How to receive Token Battle Brawl Star

The most effective and best way to get PowerPoints, the type of money needed to upgrade your Brawlers, is to start opening the Brawl Box. The game will automatically give you a few hours that you can find it in the store. 

Brawl Box is unlocked by earning Tokens, a purple jewel is money earned when playing games. You will earn 20 when you win Gem Grab and Heist, but you can unlock more in Showdown. You can only earn 100 Tokens in a session, with an additional 20 Tokens added to the group every two and a half hours. You can also unlock an option to double the number of Tokens you receive by paying gems (high-end currency of the game) or by earning Trophies (Trophies).

2. How to unlock Star Tokens

Box Brawl a lot, but if you are looking for more rare Brawlers, you will need to touch the Big Box. This giant purple container can only be unlocked by taking a 10-star Token. Just look On the event menu, you will see a flashing star in the left corner. To unlock, you will have to choose a high level in game mode

  • Win 3v3 games (Heist or Grab Gem)
  • Choose in the top four in solo or Duo (Showdown)
  • You can only unlock one Star Token for each occurrence, meaning you will have to wait until the next day to earn another day.

Download the latest Brawl Stars game for Android / iOS

Download: Click here

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