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Dragon City Description: Are you ready to train fire-breathing dragons to do your will in the hottest battle game? Make your way to claim the title of top Dragon Master in the world as you build your city.

Build your own Dragon City on a floating island and construct habitats, farms, and buildings and populate it with dragons! Collect cute dragon babies and train them into powerful battle beasts who will help you in the PvP arenas.

Find other Dragon Masters and form alliances, interact in the chat and unlock exclusive rewards as you in Alliance events.

Game Features

  • Call on dragons from a magical world at the Tree Of Life and put their skills to the test.
  • Complete the Dragon Book! Dragon City features more than 500 dragons for you to breed.
  • Log in to Dragon City with your Facebook account to save your game and play it on all of your mobile and tablet devices.
  • Gather orbs to make your Dragons more powerful: You will see how their strength in battle grows!
  • Dragon city adds new dragons every week through breeding events and special islands.
  • Be social: Form Alliances with other Dragon Masters and chat with them, collaborate in Alliance Races and open Alliance Chests.
  • Take on a whole new adventure at the Dragon Quests as you battle against other Dragon Masters in the PvP Arenas to collect exclusive dragons, claim Warrior’s Chests, and climb up the leaderboards!
  • So many advanced features are waiting to be unlocked such as the Ancient World and the Guardian Dragons.

More than 80 million Dragon Masters! What are you waiting for? Join the battle today and collect dragons!

Dragon City can be installed and played for free, but the game features certain in-game items which will cost you real money. If you want to disable this feature, you can do this by going to your phone’s settings and disabling in-app purchases.

Download Dragon City 8.4 APK for Android. Click HERE.

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