FCMB Mobile Plus is another method that FCMB has employed to ensure that in order to make banking more convenient and easy for their customers. FCMB is among the best banks in Nigeria and they are also recognized worldwide and they have lots of users. In a bid to satisfy the rising number of customers, they are constantly developing new things that will make customers banking experience more convenient and easy.

Our main topic is about the FCMB Mobile Plus App how and where to download this app and how it can improve your banking experience and also help you carry out all your financial transaction from the comfort of your home.

With the FCMB Mobile plus app, you are totally in control of your accounts, meaning you can easily run everything pertaining to your account from the comfort of your home. The FCMB Mobile plus is an application for FCMB customers and it can be downloaded on both iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

FCMB Mobile Plus App

The FCMB Mobile Plus is an application that was developed by First City Monument Bank (FCMB) in order to make their customers banking and process a lot easier. With the FCMB Mobile Plus, you can carry out virtually all your financial transactions from the comfort of your home.

Features Of FCMB Mobile Plus App

This app ships in with a lot of nice features that make it very unique and different from other bank apps. Below are some of the things you can achieve with the app.

  • You can carry out FCMB to FCMB transfer.
  • With the app, FCMB customers can transfer money from their accounts to the other bank accounts.
  • Simply deposit your check by picturing the back and front of the check
  • It allows you to easily locate the nearest FCMB ATMs and branches.
  • You can schedule callbacks from FCMB Customer Service
  • With the app, you can check your financial status and transactions.
  • FCMB Customers can view their check and deposit images.
  • You simply pay all your bills to established payees.

How To Download FCMB Mobile Plus App

There are certain things that you must put into consideration and in place before downloading the FCMB Mobile Plus App. The following are the things that you have to consider before downloading the app.

  1. You must have an active Account with First City Monument Bank (FCMB).
  2. Visit the nearest FCMB branch to obtain the App.
  3. You will have to link the app with your active bank account by completing the registration form issued to you at the banking hall.
  4. With all the above mentioned put in place, you can now start using your FCMB Mobile Plus app to run all your financial transactions without visiting the banking hall.

NOTE: To activate the FCMB Mobile Plus app for transactions, you will be required to provide a Username, your Account Number, and a Registration Code. The Phone Number linked with your account will receive an SMS after the first authentication stage. If you are lucky enough to be an existing FCMB Internet Banking user, then all you need to activate the FCMB Mobile Plus app will be a Username and Password.

Final Thought

This is where we will be drawing the curtain on the topic FCMB Mobile Plus app. If you have any questions or contributions pertaining to this topic, don’t hesitate to use the comment section to share your thought. You should also be kind enough to share this article using the social sharing button provided below. Until we meet again in the next topic, bye for now…

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