grandchase mobile 2
grandchase mobile 2

This is an MMORG game that has a strategic play style released by KOG Co., Ltd, and this is also a once-in-a-lifetime PC game, which is now brought to mobile for players to continue to experience.

The name GrandChase will definitely make people who play this game on a veteran PC wake up soon. This is a free play MMORPG developed by Korea’s KOG Studios, after its first release in Korea in 2003, it did not advance to the West until 5 years later. Until now, it was still a popular game.

And now that the game is back to the GrandChase version for Android, it will restore all the original game characters and plot, transforming its original evolutionary mechanics in the context of MMO-based adaptation. According to the current mobile trend, they have replaced the original combat systems to redesign the touch screen more appropriately. Likewise, you can relive all the feelings of the first game on any other platform, but you can also play PC games with the Bluestacks emulator.

GrandChase: from action to strategy

Along with the change in platforms, a complete improvement of the formula of the main version appeared in this iteration. This part is still added by small battles, isolated against a group of enemies, but the controls are different: now you move your team through each stage by clicking on the location you want to direct them to. Similarly, there is a limit to each character’s skill in scope, guided by the maximum action radius marking the longest distance you can launch.

It is clear that the graphics are very beautiful, developed from raw 3D models of the original game into beautiful motifs and hand-drawn scenarios in the isometric perspective. All of this is created by various scenes, both animated and static, recounting the events taking place in story mode, divided into additional chapters and utilities for a variety of game modes. Play and work every day to keep players busy for hours.

The core gameplay is similar to other Gacha role-playing games such as Epic Seven and Fate / Grand Order, except for fighting more action. Players can target attacks and control their squad to avoid danger. Instead of controlling a single character like the PC version, the player controls a team of 4 heroes, each with 2 separate skills. Players can customize their lineup by combining characters and upgrading and developing their characters.

What’s good in this GrandChase Mobile game

Everything revolves around the philosophy of gatcha games. That is, you will need to unlock new characters to form a 4-member lineup. From there, you can improve each member thanks to the game resources you find (card collection is taken from the defeated enemy, upgraded for gems …). There are more than 70 available heroes categorized into four different categories: Assault, Tank, Ranged, Mage, and Support. Success at the advanced level will depend on your ability to form a balanced team.

When you pass the levels in Story mode, you unlock new additional game modes known to MMO fans, such as the daily dungeon for you to choose specific game elements, Asymmetric PvP with other teams, guild dungeons and hard-to-improve modes when you defeat every gate.

Main features of Grand Chase:

  • Fascinating gameplay – target your skills and control your squad in real-time strategy battles.
  • AI and Manual combat – like other mobile MMOs, players can choose between automatic play and manual combat.
  • Hero customization – Upgrade, develop and equip each hero in your 4-person squad.
  • Play with others – an Instant match for team battles and PvP matches
  • More than 70 unique heroes – collect and upgrade more than 70 unique heroes from class B up to SR (Super Rare). 
    5 unique hero types – build a balanced team using 5 hero types of games: Assault, Tank, Ranged, Mage, and Support.

Tips and strategic tips for Grand Chase

This tutorial is for game beginners and we will suggest some simple things to make your game experience better with Grand Chase.

The event works in GrandChase

1. Reroll (character opening package)

If you need to create a reroll, you can do it with the help of our Reroll Guide. Basically, this means you have another chance to get the characters you want at the beginning of the game. Even so, don’t go crazy with it, maybe try it a few times and if you get a Level SR character then choose it instead of trying to find a higher character! (Best character level list)

2. Focus on your main group

At first, you don’t want to spend all your resources to power up all your characters, but focus on your main team to get more adventures and boost them so you can pass the level. If you get stuck and can’t complete a perfect level, don’t worry, continue on to the next level and come back another time when your character is on a higher level to complete the mission. And try to Complete enough daily tasks to receive additional rewards in the game.

3. Create a good balance team

A hero cannot form a team – You will be able to pass the initial levels if you manage a character like Lass, but at some point, this hero will need a powerful team. Good synthesis and balance to help him overcome the ranks. So you should know that the characters in your squad work as well as the tank, which characters can heal and which characters are capable of damaging, combining them with the high DPS attack character of friend.

The best characters in Grand Chase APK

Characters in Grand Chase can be categorized according to their abilities and roles.

There are four types; Attacker, Mage, Tank, Healer

And there are four areas of the game that can classify a character’s ability; Adventure, PvP Attack, PvP Defense and Dimensional Beast

1) List of SR levels

  • 1. Lass character

With a high rate of explosion damage, you will pass the early levels of the mode. Lass Adventure is well decentralized in your team. If you drag Lass into one of your scrolls, you should really keep that role and play the game from there.

In addition to being great in Adventure Mode, Lass also excelled in other areas of the game, especially PvP.

  • 2. Ryan character

Ryan is a tank class, and he will absorb tons of blows for your team, he even has the ability to transfer damage from allies to himself. The perfect companion for Lass in Adventure Mode (Adventure).

  • 3. Mari character

If you are looking for a character that can fight better, Mari is the character you are looking for.

2 / List of S-level characters

  • 1. Ras El

If you don’t have Mari, Ras El is a good character in your team, this character has a similar ability to Mari, but not as strong as

  • 2. Charon

Really good at DPS but quite bad against mobs. So, if you have a clearer mob in your team, then Charon will be great to be an attacker on strong teams.

  • 3.Cleo

Her special ability, Dispel, to eliminate enemies’ buffs makes her a good choice in PvP teams.

Grand Chase Hero best SR: 

  1. Lass – SR – Assault
  2. Ryan – SR – Tank
  3. Sieghart – SR – Assault
  4. Mari – SR – Mage
  5. Arme – SR – Healer

How to receive SR Rank Hero in Grand Chase Mobile

  • Through Hero Fusion
  • From the diamond chest
  • Shop summoned
  • Guild Point Store (ticket SR)

First-class 4-star heroes of Grand Chase:

  1. Olivia – S – Assault
  2. Rasel – S – Mage
  3. Bergamot – S – Ranger
  4. Charon – S – Ranger
  5. Sage – S – Healer
  6. Sachi – S – Healer
  7. Cleo – S – Healer
  8. Hanout – S – Assault
  9. Captain Boar – S – Tank

Way to get S rank heroes in GrandChase

  • Wizzard’s labyrinth
  • Raid mode
  • Prana store
  • Hero unites
  • Platinum chest
  • Diamond chest
  • Shop Summon

Diary> Book -> Hero there you can check all the details. In addition, in the character class list, in the proposed tab, you can get all the details; Pros and cons + best equipment for them.

Guide Reroll in GrandChase – Delete / Reset

The first time, when you open the game, it will ask you to choose the login method. Do not link games to any social network account. Continue to log in with the guest account so that you can later reschedule and start again for your SR pulls. Then follow the story or instructions. You can skip these activities by clicking the skip button. Once completed, follow these steps to run again: –

Touch the store button and skip the summon instructions to receive summon guide rewards. Then, touch the inbox icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Go to the system mail tab and get all the rewards for new people. In these rewards, you will receive the money you will use to summon characters + characters, free items.

After receiving the reward, go back to the main screen -> shop -> go to the advanced multi-level summon to summon 10X characters at the same time. Once completed, check the floor list to find the best characters and check out the characters you get from summoning. 

Guide to playing Grandchase basic

1. Fight in the game

GrandChase game shop (Shop) (image: 3)

GrandChase is an MMORPG that is not simple, in which the battle is amazing. Although you can choose your battle team to automatically and automatically move.

Each team member has skills that you can deploy whenever they are available by clicking the skill button, which includes active, passive and special skills. You can also create combos by deploying certain skills in a row.

The skills are calculated from time to time, so it is worth giving your heroes a chance to recover between battles.

As well as personal skills. You can deploy a group skill after every 6 hero skills. Like hero skills, the skills of the group have many different types: the group’s skills, passive attacks, and passive defenses.

The skills of this group can be upgraded, so it is important to maintain the research speed by visiting the Skills Research tab whenever a notification appears. You can find this on the Party page.

2. Party Management

There are many different hero classes: tank, mage, warrior, support…

Each hero has his own rare level. From extremely rare to normal: rank SR, S, R, A and B. For rare heroes, it will be stronger, with better skill, buff, and debuff.

And currently this There are 70 heroes in the game, and you will never reach the maximum of all, so you should focus on the strongest team.

And remember that in GrandChase, players can change characters. A 6-star hero will be the strongest, so focus on leveling up your rarer heroes.

3. Summon heroes

You can view all heroes in the game by visiting the Diary page and navigate to the Hero List (Hero List) tab. Here you will be able to see the storyline and stats of all heroes, …

To add heroes to your list, you need to summon them, and there are many ways to do this.

You can summon class S and A heroes using the advanced summon ticket. Rare Hero Summon allows you to spend gems to summon rare heroes, and Monster Cards allow you to summon monsters, also to get gems.

You earn gems by completing quests, earning achievements, completing dungeons and just playing games in general.

4. Upgrade heroes in GrandChase.

Your heroes can be augmented by several ways in GrandChase.

First of all, you can train them using gold and Blessing of Valor, which you earn through common gameplay and Hero’s Tower mode.

After that, you can upgrade them by clicking on a hero’s information, then choose management and then upgrade it. To upgrade a hero.

You can also develop your heroes, using evostones. You get these items through the general gameplay and from the Daily Defense Mode, which can be found in the Battle section

Evostones have five different colors corresponding to the hero class. After joining the guild, you can exchange your unwanted people with others, agree to changes requested by other players or request your own changes.

5. GrandChase IOS game mode

The first thing to focus on in GrandChase is the Adventure mode. The further you go in this one player story mode, the more you will level up and develop your heroes, and you will also earn special rewards when completing the stages.

Download GrandChase APK now to play on Android or PC

Then there is the Battle section, which includes 6 different modes that gradually unlock when you find your way in the game, giving you the opportunity to win gems, items, and even characters.

Trial tower is a multi-layer dungeon in which you have to go as far as possible to get better rewards. PvP allows you to battle opponents to earn gold points and Honor points (to spend on Honor Shop items).

Daily Defense will be where you defend and win in exchange for evostones. In addition, the Dimensional Boss is a big BOSS in the game, where you have to fight a strong team, the best possible against a bunch of Boss monsters for gold and accessories.

Hero’s Tower is another tower mode where you can win Blessings of Valor and Shiny Glam, a hero that can be used to awaken a hero to attack S. level. And finally theLabyrinth of Wizard, one Dungeon where you can win Prana to spend in Prana store and an S-rank hero.

6. Play adventure mode as much as possible

Similar to other mobile role-playing games with story mode, GrandChase allows players to learn more about the game’s legend to get used to the characters and the basic mechanics of the game faster. When your first few minutes or hours in the game follow the introductory chapter of the main story, you will receive some rewards each step along the way. Although you can sometimes be included in game modes and features other than the instructions, you can always return to adventure mode via the Adventure Icon at the bottom right of the main screen.

When you select a mission in adventure mode, you will notice a proposed BP (Battle Power) directly above the Ready button. Be sure to note this because you may have difficulty beating a stage if your group’s BP is lower than suggested, although that is still possible. For safety, you can always make some adjustments for each hero in your group before taking part in a stage and press the Start Battle button.

Before starting each battle, you can click the Star icon at the bottom left of the screen to check the set targets to earn you 3 stars on each sub-chapter. You will want to earn 3 stars on each stage to earn more stars as well as free heroes at the end of each platform.

7. Focus on the original 4 characters

With countless free things you can earn, you will definitely be able to gather more than four heroes to choose from when you try to form the best Team. There will definitely be better heroes joining your collection later, but for the purpose of having a team strong enough to work when you pass the quest of adventure and some new game modes Be unlocked, you need to start choosing your starting group and do what you currently have.

First and foremost, you may want to consider a character’s ranking when choosing who you will hold at the party. Ranking can be B, A, S or SR from easiest to hardest to get. You may not yet have a character that is rated SR at this time but surely, you will have at least one S and some A-class hero cards, forget about Class B characters right now. What you want to do is work around a well-functioning group around your S or SR ranked hero or hero and make sure your team consists of characters from another class or has a unique role. Best. So if you have 2 S-rated characters but both have the same class, you can also settle for an A-rated character to form another class.

There are 5 unique classes in GrandChase and each class is important to have in your party. The decision to eliminate anyone will largely depend on the specific skills that each character you choose to own and your interests. Perhaps the most basic class is Assault Class, which is basically warriors in many role-playing games. These classes exhibit fairly high physical combat attacks and can also be quite challenging. Attacks often occupy the top and lead your team in battle. A tank is in the way of the guardians and not only shows higher defense stats but also provides defensive buffs for the party. The characters of this class can show off skills to stimulate the enemy as well as control the crowd as well as on the team’s usual shielding teams. Mage and Rangers attack long range with Mage only deal magic damage while Rangers focus on physical damage. Meanwhile, Rangers mainly focused on attacks; In GrandChase, the characters can be mixed with different characters.

Assault, Mage and Healer classes often form the standard components of an effective team with Rangers and Tanks as the deciding point depending on whether to attack or defend more. These decisions may depend on the characters you have, consider gathering the skills of each team member as well as your own preferences and playing style. Once you have chosen characters to form part of your main team, you may want to test them on the battlefield before you start investing in resources to develop them further.

8. There are more heroes when you can

In addition to some heroes participating in your team when you complete the stages in Adventure Mode, there are other ways to earn heroes and having more characters to choose from is very important at the beginning of the game. Play because you can still get higher ranked characters.

And a place to get heroes is through summoning at the store. You can spend tickets as well as gems here but sometimes you can take advantage of it for free. If you choose to buy, be sure to do so in bulk and buy the x10 option to earn a free hero.

9. Upgrade power

There are a number of ways you can make your character stronger in GrandChase and every bit of enhancement you invest will lead to each character’s HA increase as well as your team’s overall HA. However, for beginners, you can choose to only raise your BP enough to fight because you can soon get better heroes and want to modify your current hero list.

Upgrading hero or card is very simple. You can access this by touching your hero through the Party Icon at the bottom left of the screen or the bag icon in the upper right and then clicking the Upgrade hero button. You can use the Monster Card you have earned through adventure rewards and events for your hero and level up to higher levels, but depending on each hero’s star rating and develop them level up next star. The star level of the monster you raise determines the probability of success. You can earn more monster cards by replaying some adventure quests and you can also summon some from the store with gem costs. When a hero reaches the maximum level of 6 stars, you can activate.

Adding some friends and joining a guild 
There will always be additional privileges only and without any drawbacks when having friends and friends in the game in any online game that has featured so. Regardless of whether the game you are playing is an MMORPG like GrandChase, having more active friends than a member of a guild is positive enough to give you many advantages, especially if you are trying. Force to achieve progress in the game.

Guild, Guild in GrandChase

When you pass the game and participate in many features and events, sometimes you will be rewarded with treasure chests that you need to unlock and for you to do so, you need to collect and use Imprints. of the explorer. Although these key items can also be purchased as rewards from various achievements, providing it consistently from your active friends is indisputable to everyone who plays in GrandChase. A platinum chest for a person has the opportunity to give you a hero ranked SR, need 200 Marks of the explorer to open.

For guild participation, you can participate in some exclusive guild activities and tasks to receive additional rewards. Some of these tasks require you to accomplish the objectives yourself, while other tasks depend on the general activities of the guild members, so having a guild active will certainly bring some advantage. A notable option available in the guild is the Evostone Exchange. Since you may need more Evostones for a specific type and there are too many others, you are free to trade it here with your guild members.

Download GrandChase game: For Android / iOS

Download:  Google Play  /  AppStore

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