heroes evolved 2
heroes evolved 2

Download game Heroes Evolved for Android / iOS

MOBA is a game genre that has never been HOT, and now the R2Games publisher has decided to bring a new game called Heroes Evolved – one of the best mobile MOBA today.

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You have everything you can expect in this MOBA Mobile game: the game will also have multiple lanes to attack enemy towers, soldiers and various skills and upgrades and items to buy, as well as getting into battle gear to improve each minister’s own skills …

When you enter this game, you will be able to control your character using a virtual joystick, just like in many other games like Mobile Legends or Lien Quan Mobile, with other action buttons on the side right and left, help you work well, but if you find it inappropriate or want to move the action buttons on the screen, you can change it in the easy setting.

What attractive game of Heroes Evolved?

When the player starts  Heroes Evolved, you have the option to complete a tutorial. At the beginning, the introduction explains the main content of the game, such as how to use the hero’s special ability. And players will also know that when playing, they will combine with their teammates to destroy the base of the enemy team, called aegis. The player also unlocks the Minerva hero through completing quest missions and many other things.

While not the most innovative game of its kind, the Heroes Evolved are still the MOBA’s top players today. And it’s mobile version (because there is also a PC version available on Steam). Now, when trying out games on both iPhone and iPad, it can be said quite smoothly when playing on the baby screen, equally good experience. However, when playing on the phone, it is also relatively easier than you expected. It has different icons that are easy to use and designed for this mobile version.

Characters in the game

System of personal achievements in the game

The characters in the Heroes Evolved are balanced when playing and are a bit familiar if you’ve ever played similar MOBA games. If you have played other MOBA, then switching to this game can know how to use most characters’ abilities because they seem very similar to other characters of this genre. A perfect example of this is playing Nosferatu characters. Nosferatu is a vampire, using magic to damage his enemies and cause effects in seconds … Sounds familiar? Vampires of Sheroes Evolved are very similar to the League of Legends character Vladimir. Although they only have a little difference in strength, and appearance, the gameplay for the characters is very similar.

Unlike other MOBAs, in the game, you play each skill one by one. And can win 5 matches for promotion, but losing at a higher level will also lower your rank, so you can be downgraded as much as you can get promoted.

With more than 50 characters to choose from, there are many ways for you to choose a character in a battle in Heroes Evolved. Equip your hero with legendary weapons and armor and join it in 5v5 PvP matches, or in PvE mode. The game can also record your matches so you can analyze your strategy and prepare for the next challenge!

Teleport feature 

Now you have learned the importance of this game. Teleport is a very useful function, can quickly move you to your army and pillars. When your HP is low, you can also teleport back to the safe area to restore your health. Using skillfully Teleport can quickly transform a small skirmish into a full-scale attack to win the game.

Download Heroes Evolved APK now to team up and fight with friends

Here’s an example: While fighting in the jungle of the TOP lane and discovering that the enemy hero is trying to gank the hero of your teammate, you can teleport to your tower in TOP lane and combine with your teammates. Gank back the enemy. So, you can save your team hero as well as annoy the enemy hero.

Go up in Heroes Evolved game

For this good game, there are also ranked matches, PVP (solo or team) and other activities. Players can equip their heroes with different weapons and equipment, use the jewel board to enhance their abilities and try to defeat other opponents. You can customize the quick purchase order, which you can preset to select depending on the situation of the match. You can optionally fight in the main control panel and you can also buy in advance from the store.

Just click on an item, it will help you choose better items in the next. From there you can know how you should choose.

The currency of this MOBA game!

You can earn lots of gold to buy a new General

Players can accumulate gold to buy new characters (generals) quickly. This element of the game is very important, because in the game, in addition to the way players feel the heroes are important. All heroes have four different attributes: physics, magic, defense, and support. However, it can also be separated by the player’s strength, agility, and intelligence. 

Players can also choose what they like to play like: Ranged, nuker, durable, disabler, ganker, carry and pusher all in Heroes Evolved. Players can also choose to use the game currency to change their heroes’ skins, adding more uniqueness in the game. However, in this mobile game, players need to become VIPs to play as some special heroes, with better powers.

Fog of War & Observer War features like MOBA game on PC

The Fog of War feature will make the game map darker, but your friends or opponents’ creeps will still be visible. Although it will make the game more interesting, you must be careful if you are alone in the lane because you can be attacked by enemies from behind.

But calm down, in this game, there are also some areas that can illuminate the area on the map covered by Fog of War. When using the Observer Wards, it takes a long time, so you have to use it more effectively to gain an advantage in this MOBA game.


If the movement feature in other similar MOBA games can only be used to return to the revival location, in Heroes Evolve, you can teleport to any standing tower. Whether it is going back to the main house, or teleporting to any tower during a counterattack to help friends who are being attacked by the enemy.

There are also items in this game that have skills like mana boots for mana (Mana Boots). In addition, there are attributes such as strength, agility, and intelligence.

Tips and tricks for playing best Heroes Evolve Mobile

1. Take advantage of Fog of War

• Fog of War fog is an outstanding feature of traditional MOBA games. Through the lanes, players can see more widely and gain advantages in matches. The difference between a new player and a professional player is when, where and how to use this to win. Taking advantage of the clever and timely Fog of War positions can help players observe enemy movements to avoid enemy ganks and can gank enemy champions.

• In general, there are two main positions: attack and defense, it is like using a 3rd eye. Attacks are those who have the ability to capture information regarding the position of the enemy to coordinate attacks and ganks. And defenses support reconnaissance and detection to help avoid enemy ganks. Always try to place the poses as far away as possible, because the view radius is hindered by the Fog of War. Mid Lane is a dangerous area, where two teams’ matches continue. Place high altitude positions in the enemy’s territory to get a clear view of the entire mid lane. This will help your team avoid enemy ganks or coordinate a gank with your teammates.

2. Use your eyes smartly

• Jungler plays an important role in setting the pace of the game very early. They can easily create ganks, which can make your team catch up in the rest of the first game. To counteract, place an eye of defense in the enemy’s forest and observe General Jungler’s progress. Even if enemy champions receive Viking attack buffs and ganking mid lane, defense of the eye will give you time to avoid ganking or setting up counter-gank to break the enemy’s battle speed in a way doubt.

• Place the attacking eyes behind the enemy’s tower to detect the location of the heroes. With this information, coordinate with your team and destroy isolated enemy heroes to protect a tower.

3. Instant teleportation

• Now that you have learned the importance of observing eyes, it’s time to discuss reinforcements. Instant teleport is a very useful function that can quickly move you to your team and tower. When your Blood is low, you can also move back to the safe zone to restore blood. Using skillful Teleport can help quickly turn a small skirmish into a comprehensive attack to win the game.

• Here’s an example: When the eye in the forest in the top lane finds that an enemy hero is trying to gank your allied hero, you can teleport to your towers in the upper lane. and (TOP) and fight with your allied heroes to gank enemy champions. Therefore, you can save your ally hero as well as make the enemy less aggressive.

• The existence of Teleport opens up possibilities for a variety of strategies. If an enemy team leader fights with you, you can teleport to the battle team immediately. If your party is unable to fight, the enemy team may lose one or two towers. Using skillful Teleport is an essential part to become a winner.

4. Get up for the general

• In Ranking, you may wonder why the same player skills and similar strategies produce extremely large results. It’s because of the order in which to buy the item: what device you bought and which order you bought it. Buying smart goods will help maximize your potential at any time during the match.

5. Customize equipment

• You can customize the device purchase order with multiple presets to choose from depending on the situation of the match. Customize with combat settings in the main control panel and you can also buy in advance from the store. Some heroes have certain weaknesses. Equipped with Active effects provides more options for heroes to overcome their weaknesses.

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