Download KineMaster Pro MOD APK for Android Say No To Watermark
Download KineMaster Pro MOD APK for Android Say No To Watermark

When it comes to video editing on phone, specifically Android, then all the masters prefer KineMaster. And I’m sure you also have been suggested by some video editors guru to use this application on Android for V. editing. The reason why KineMaster is a preferable video editor is that it comes with all the basic to advanced tools. Video editing is not an easy task, and it requires time and the essential tools to edit a video perfectly. Also, when editing every frame of the video, your video editor must have a zoom screen feature because you can’t easily edit every single frame on your smartphone.

Thanks to the KineMaster developer that has made video editing a fun & easy task. With KineMaster, you can edit video with ease in very little time. Its capability to combine and produce the final video is also tremendous, and it just takes 2 minutes to export an HD video with a length of 10 minutes. No matter how powerful your smartphone is, it will accelerate the video producing process.

But in its free version, it has few drawbacks, which may create a barrier in editing videos. However, some of its features are for only Pro users, which means you cannot use them without paying a good amount of money. Well, the cream part of this article is we are going to provide you the KineMaster Pro version. This one is a MOD version in which you will get free access to all the pro features. So, are you ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

KineMaster Pro MOD APK Overview

KineMaster Pro has all the premium video editing features that require to edit video flawlessly. It is very lightweight compared to other Android video editors such as PowerDirector, FilmoraGo, etc. After having all the premium tools, it just less than 80Mb in size and takes a maximum of 250Mb storage space after getting installed. And so, we can confidently say that the KineMaster Pro video editor is well optimized.

Coming to its features, it has regular to advanced features & tools, which helps in efficiently editing videos. Features like Chroma Key, Video Overlay filters, Effects, VFX, Slicing, and others are available in it. There is also a store section where you can find more filters and effects, and you will need to download them. Usually, it costs money to buy anything from its store, but as we will provide the MOD version, you can download & use anything from its store for free. Other than that, you can also upload and use your media files, such as Background songs, photos, etc. You can also record voice live in the KineMaster Pro and add in the background. It pretty much optimized for voice over as well.

Moreover, Unlike the free KineMaster video editor, KineMaster Pro will not add its Watermark on your videos. You can also export videos in super high quality like 1080p. The video rendering capability of the pro version is 10x faster than the free version. It can quickly render a 5-minute super high-quality video in 6 to 8 minutes. Overall, KineMaster is a great all in on video editor that comes with all the advance to basic tools. And that’s the reason why most YouTube Video Creators suggest KineMaster over other premium video editors.

KineMaster Pro MOD Download Latest Version For Android

KineMaster Pro MOD

KineMaster Pro is a premium video editor which requires a chunk amount of money to buy, its not free. But here, we will share the download link of KineMaster Pro MOD which is the same as the Pro but has all the features unlocked. And it doesn’t require any money to use. You can just download, Install, and start using it on your Android. Also, the version of KineMaster Pro MOD that we are going to provide is updated & latest. This means you will find all the new features & updates in this app.

Before we list the download link, let me share the file details. And we also recommend reading the details very carefully because it is going to help you download the APK file correctly.

File Details:

  • Name: KineMaster PRO Mod
  • Size: 74Mb
  • Version: 4.11.17 (latest)
  • Developer: KineMaster Corporation
  • Type: Video Editor
  • Android Required: 5.0 or above
  • Last Updated: 26 September 2019

KineMaster Pro MOD’s latest version that we have provided below also works on Android 10 (Pie). So, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issue. Now, just tap on the below link to download KineMaster Pro MOD.

KineMaster Pro MOD (74Mb)

How To Download KineMaster Pro MOD On Your Android Phone?

It is a modified app, and since Google Play Protect has started scanning apps, it has become difficult to download any modified app on Android. We will teach you how you can download KineMaster Pro on your Android phone without facing any issue.

  1. First, open the Play Store and click on the Menu icon.
  2. Select Play Protect from the options.
  3. Click on the Gear icon from the right top.
  4. Turn off the app scanner.
  5. Now, click here to download the KineMaster Pro MOD.
  6. Wait for the download page to completely get loaded on your browser.
  7. Press on the download button and wait for the server to send the file to your Browser.
  8. Verify and accept the download request and wait for the APK file to get downloaded.
  9. Done.

While following the steps, make sure there is no anti-virus app is running in the background. Otherwise, it may block the downloading, and you won’t be able to download KineMaster Pro MOD. Assuming you have successfully downloaded it, let me show you how you can install it on your phone.

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How to Install KineMaster Pro MOD on Android?

Install KineMaster Pro on Android

The installation is a little more critical than the downloading process. However, your Android may warn you to not install this KineMaster Pro. You will probably see the notice if you have the latest Android version (Pie) on your phone. The warning notice is obvious because, after all, KineMaster Pro MOD is modified, and codes have been added to unlock the premium features. But it is safe to install & use this KineMaster, it will not harm your phone in any way. Let me quickly show you how you can install it on your phone.

  1. First, Disable any kind of Anti-virus if you have on your phone. If possible, disable the Play Protect App scanner. Because these scan apps on Android and marks as threats if found modified codes in the app.
  2. Enable the Unknown sources from Android Settings>Security. It will allow the third-party app installation on the phone.
  3. Go to the download folder and Locate & click on KineMaster Pro MOD App.
  4. Hit the install button and wait for it to get installed on your phone. You will get a confirmation notice when the installation complete.
  5. After that, press the done button to close the installer.
  6. The installation of the KineMaster Pro MOD is finished. And now, it’s ready to use & edit videos.

That was the exact process to install KineMaster Pro Mod on Android phones. We highly recommend to follow the above installation steps otherwise carefully. You will definitely face problems while installing it. So, now you have got the KineMaster Pro Mod installed on your phone, let me show you how to use it so you can instantly start editing video with it.

How to Use KineMaster Pro MOD on Android?


KineMaster Pro Guide

If you are one of those users who have first time installed the KineMaster Pro and have even never used the free version in the past, then this guide will help you get started with it. Using it efficiently in the first place is hard, and unless you are an experienced video editor, you will get messed with its tons of features and will probably spend hours just test & understand its features. Here, we will guide you to start immediately editing videos with it. You don’t need to understand all its features if you want to tune, trim, cut, filter a video. Well, here’s how to use KineMaster Pro MOD:

  1. Launch the KineMaster Pro MOD from your App drawer.
  2. Select a New Project or contiue a previous project.
  3. Now, the main video editor screen will open where you will see all the elements & features of KineMaster Pro. Just select a background or video for making or editing videos.
  4. Upload background song if you already don’t have in the video. You can also use the KineMaster Pro song library for free. Under the library, you will find all the free songs with the public license, which means you can use the song for any purpose.
  5. So, now we have got our visual & music in the video, its time to fine-tune it. To do that, you can use its basic tools such as trim, slicing, trimming, mixing, overlay, multi-songs, song-mixing, and stuff like that.
  6. You can also use Filters to enhance or change the video look and make it look cooler. There are enormous premium filters are available in its library. Make sure you check it out.
  7. Once you are done editing the video with its basic tools & features, just tap on the save button from the right top.
  8. After that, set your video resolution and hit the export button.
  9. That’s it.

We have only guided you on using basic tools & features. You can explore the KineMaster Pro to know all its premium features by yourself.

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KineMaster Pro Mod is going to surprise you because it has some remarkable premium features which are totally available for free. Like Chroma Key, Multiple Overlay option, Tune-up voice, stunning video filters, and more.

So, hopefully, you liked this article on KineMaster Pro Mod? If so, we would really appreciate it if you share this article with your friends. Also, if you have any question left in your mind, drop down below. We will try to answer it for you.

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