There are two ways to download eBooks online depending on the choice you make. You can pay to get an eBook online, and you can also get it for free. This happens so much on eBook website or most eCommerce website [Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc.]. You can also get eBook online from free websites that allow users to download their books for free with a legal right. However, The two categories are best for those who know how to. As an academic person, I have download tens of eBooks for free online without paying a dime and without violating any policy. And for the sake of this post today, I am going to reveal to you the best website to download paid eBooks for free without paying a dime and without registration and how to download any eBook for free from Google.

What is eBook?

We have all heard the word “eBook” directly or indirectly. So, here I will give a layman definition of eBook so that you can better understand the world “eBook” and why you should prefer eBook to a book hardcopy.

An eBook is an electronic version of a book that can be printed into a hard copy. In most cases, eBooks do come in pdf format, document format, ePub format and other forms. This post is an example of eBook-like of this post. You can choose to bookmark this post, convert it to PDF, download it to your PC and read it on your gadgets [Computer & Smartphone] at will using a PDF or Doc reader app.

It’s called eBook because it is an electronic version of a book [i.e: electronic + books =eBooks]. And virtually all books have an electronic version of itself to be read online using online app readers and can be downloaded for offline reading.

How to Download Paid eBooks for Free

There are many online websites to download paid eBooks for free. These websites also offer direct access to download eBooks from websites like Amazon, eBay etc. Back in the days, my favourite website to download eBook for free was bookzz before I can go to other websites that you will learn towards the end of this post.

However, let first take a look at how to download paid eBooks for free using Google search engine. Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. With Google alone, your life can be transformed from the state of knowing nothing to the state of being an expert. However, here is how to download a paid eBooks for free using a Google search engine.

  1. Fire up your browser and visit I prefer to use Google Chrome for most of my assignment because of the flexibility. So you may want to use that. If you don’t have Google Chrome installed on your device [ Type “download Google Chrome” without the quotes in Google search engine to download and install the software].
  2. Enter the name of the eBook you wanted to download and add your preferred book format to it. Suppose you are interested in download an eBook titled “48 Laws of Power” for free directly from Google search engine. Type “48 Laws of Power” without the quotes and add .pdf to the end of the search [see example 48 Law of Power.pdf] and click on Google search button as showed below
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Hint: To get the best result always add the name of the author to your search. From the image above you searched for “48 Laws of Power”, then you should try to add the name of the author to it before .pdf. For example “48 Laws of Power by Robert Green.pdf”.

  1. Google will display your result so that you can choose the one to download. However, most eBook results will be in pdf format. All you just have to do is take a look at the search results and click on your most preferred answer to start downloading.

This is the best way to download any eBook for free. This method is legal, and there is no need to hide your IP address. I have used this method to download a countless number of electronic books online without any itch. You too should make use of this cheap method when you have the opportunity. However, this approach can also be used to download eBooks whose format is different from PDF. You can follow this method to download documents, ePub eBook and the like.

Best Websites to Download Paid eBooks for Free

The above procedure is a smart way to download an eBook for free. Including eBooks listed on eBay and Amazon. However, there are other ways to download both paid and free eBook for free. Here in this section, I will share with you top-notch websites I have used in the past in search of paid eBook without paying a dime and without even registration.

  1. Scribd

Scribd is a home of free eBook download from excel eBook format to PDF. Scribd is an electronic eBook site where you can search and download eBooks for free and legally. If you have an eBook that you want to download from Amazon with an unbearable price you just launch your browser and visit Scribd for free download access. Although, scribed is not a totally free eBook download website but with 30 days free trial, you will have access to all eBooks available on Scribd.

However, you will not be compelled to subscribe to a paid service. But if you find the service good enough you can subscribe to a lifetime access for just a token.

Free eBooks on Scribd are arranged according to best-selling author, best author and top article. However, to exploit Scribd to the fullest, you can use the search box to search for any eBooks you wanted to download, and if available you will be granted direct access to download it for free during your free trial. And after your free trial, you will be requested to pay a token. However, to keep enjoying Scribd, you should register as a student using a .edu email address as this will lower your payment.

You can also upload your own eBook for others to download but you must have a legal right over the eBook you uploaded otherwise it will be brought down. For more information about Scribd visit:

  1. Free eBooks Net
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When it comes to a free website to download eBooks, online free eBooks net is another popular website on the internet for such a huge task. For over a year now, the free eBook net has been one of my favourite websites to search and download paid eBook for free outside Google search process shared above. The only requirement to start download paid eBook for free from “free eBooks Net” is for you to register an account with them. And after that, you are good to go downloading eBooks for free with unlimited access.

You can browse category for your eBook and also, you can use the search box to search for the eBook title, eBook author and year of publication. For quick access, eBooks on this website are arranged based on recommendation such as feature books, most downloaded books, best sellers eBooks, best authors eBooks and lot more.

The free eBook net website also gives free access to download eBook audio version that you can easily listen to on your smartphone rather reading it using a pdf reader or whatsoever. For more information about free eBooks net you can check them here:

  1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is another eBook website with over 54,000 free eBooks available for free download and without registration. eBooks available on project Gutenberg include ePud, kindle books and greatest literature books of all time.

What project Gutenberg does is very simple. All eBooks available on the websites are eBooks whose copyright right has expired with a legal right to distribute them for free for users to either read online or download them to their device and read offline.

In a simple language, Project Gutenberg only upload eBooks whose copyright piracy is no longer valid. However, you do not need to hide your IP address before download eBooks from this website. Rather, the only thing you need to do is search for available eBooks on the site and download them for offline reading. For more information about Gutenberg visit

  1. Obooko

Obooko is another popular eBook website on the internet. It’s often considered and a top eBook download database with thousands of free eBooks to download. Just like Gutenberg, you do not need to become a registered member to download eBook from this website. All you need is the name of the author of the eBook you wanted to download.

eBooks on Obooko are arranged based on categories starting from romance to love, to business to a relationship to entrepreneur and lot more. For more information about this eBook website, you should consider visiting

Final Words

There are many websites to download paid eBook for free online. Yes, but not all are trustworthy. The list of websites I have used in the past to search and download paid eBook for over the past few years are highlighted above. This is the time to get the best out yourself reading motivational books without paying a dime.

If this post misses out your favourite eBook download site, kindly use the comment box, and we’ll be glad to take a look at it.


Author: Adesanmi Adedotun