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Download Punch Newspaper mobile app

With the Punch Newspaper mobile app, you are just a few clicks away from getting free latest Nigeria News right on your mobile phones anywhere in the world and at anytime.

With The Punch Newspaper app, you get news, opinion and information that covers different categories such as: Entertainment, Sport Business news, Politics, health, Education.

You can also take advantage of the public opinion feature to share your views, comments and share daily happenings on your social media platforms.

Download Punch Newspaper mobile app
Punch Newspaper mobile app

Basic Features Of The Punch Newspaper Mobile App:

  • Notification and Alert for every news update
  • Save articles as favourite and read later
  • Shares stories on social media platforms
  • Sorts stories by date, read titles, etc.
  • Increase/Decrease text size
  • Switch to preferred layout (Grid or List)
  • Refresh either one, or all categories

Get Punch Newspaper App

Download Punch Newspaper Mobile App for Android Phones Here


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