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Welcome to this modern reinterpretation of a rogue-like dungeon robot! Rogue Hearts is a role-playing game on Android. In this game, you will need a strategy with self-judgment and control, a necessity in this tactical games.

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Game Info

  • Name: Rogue Hearts
  • Latest Version: v1.3.6
  • Latest Update: 2018-02-25
  • Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 and later.
  • File Size: 75 MB
  • Category: Play Role

Game Description:

Rogue Hearts is a role-playing game. Welcome to this gloomy dungeon to experience the isolated dark journey.

In full of unknown darkness, hidden a huge BOSS, reckless adventurers aim to conquer the BOSS to get the treasure; you must first defeat the mobs began to accumulate experience and equipment.

  • Explore regions with different themes and dungeons randomly generated with optimized, intuitive and easy-to-use mobile device controls.
  • Break down challenges and trials by controlling the character directly.
  • Compete in these events using characters with close combat and long distance skills.
  • Fight boss monsters with lethal attack patterns and win loot.
  • Not only battles but various traps and riddles are also waiting.

Download Rogue Hearts 1.3.6 Apk + Mod For Android [Updated]. Click HERE.

Download Rogue Hearts 1.3.6 Data For Android [Updated]. Click HERE

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