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Download Trivia Crack for Android: Take your quiz game to a new level answering fun general trivia questions! Show off your smartness with the world while you learn new fun and interesting facts with the Trivia Crack app!

Below are some of the angles touched: hide

Trivia Crack features

Put your knowledge to the test in six different languages. Trivia Crack features Willy the Wheel. Spin it to know where to start your quiz question games. Test your knowledge of Geography with Tito. Can you guess which country has a city called Batman? For Science, you have Albert. Albert will give you quizzes on math, chemistry, physics, and even tech! In terms of History, you have Hector. Bonzo will give you sports-related quizzes. Let Tina test your knowledge of Art.

Finally, Pop will keep you up to date with fun trivia questions on anything Entertainment related. Test how much you know the latest pop trivia across TV shows, video games, movies, and music.

Do you know any interesting facts you think others don’t? Show off to other users by creating trivia questions with answers.

When you start playing Trivia Crack, you first need to spin the wheel. This will bring up a question from one of six available categories. Answer the question correctly so you don’t miss your turn. The game features a crown gauge. You can fill the gauge by landing the wheel on the Crown section or answering three questions correctly. You can win characters in the game by answering three questions correctly. You can also win characters of others by winning them in duels. Win the match by getting all six characters!

Game Info

  • Name: Trivia Crack
  • Latest Version: 2.82.1
  • Latest Update: August 23, 2018
  • Supported Android Versions: Android 4.1 and later
  • Developer: Etermax
  • File Size: 95.18 MB

Download Trivia Crack for Android

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