dstv explora catchup
dstv explora catchup

Multichoice Africa Limited owns DsTv Nigeria. The company is a subsidiary of Naspers. Full named Digital Satellite Tv, DsTv was founded far back in 1995 and now operates in over 48 countries in Africa.

How To Get Started Using DsTv in Nigeria

You will need to buy a decoder, a subscription package or bouquet. At this time, DsTv Nigeria has HD and Explora decoders with different options for different accessories. Also, DsTv has six subscription packages for Nigerians with premium plan as the most expensive at 15,800 Naira per month. The FTA Plus is the cheapest 1,600 Naira per month.

Authorized dealers can set up their services for subscribers at home or in the office.

Prices of DsTv Nigeria Decoders

Here are the latest prices for DsTv Nigeria decoders. There are two types already: DsTv Explora and DsTv HD. Depending on which accessories they arrive with, the prices of these decoders change.

DsTv Nigeria Explora Decoder Features and Prices

This is the best from DsTv and the most expensive. Prices range from 52,000 Naira to 61,100 Naira but this price depends on which accessories you decide to buy alongside it.

Differences Between Explora and HD decoders

On Explora, you can pause, resume and rewind it. Explora enables recording of your favorite TV shows and programs up to 220 hours. If you miss the latest episode or interesting series, just connect your decoder to the internet and have it downloaded. You can later watch the program at any time. Box-Office allows you to rent blockbuster movies for 48 hours. You can also enjoy other features such as organized playlist and crystal clear picture quality.

Explora Decoder Prices

Explora with dish kit, smart LNB and 1 month DsTv Compact subscription = N52,100

Explora with dish kit, smart LNBH and 1 month Compact Plus subscription =N55,950

Explora with dish kit, smart LNBH and 1 month Premium subscription = N61,100

HD decoder Prices

This is the one that is often found in most Nigerian homes. It comes with sophisticated features such as good sound and picture quality. However, the explorer offers more features.

HD with dish kit and 1 month DsTv Compact subscription = N11,900

HD with dish kit and 1 month DsTv Compact Plus subscription = N15, 750

HD with dish kit and 1 month DsTv Premium subscription =N20,900

The company has expert workers who come with you to install and activate the decoder.

DsTv Nigeria Packages/Bouquet

DsTv Nigeria has six packages/bouquet. These are FTA Plus Package, Access Package, Family Bouquet, Compact Bouquet, Compact Plus Package, Premium Bouquet.

Premium Package Channels Price

This is the most expensive subscription available in Nigeria and the subscriber gets 183 Tv channels to choose from. These channels range from lifestyle and culture, sport, local, children (cartoon) music, news, commerce, documentary, entertainment, movies, specialist, religion, and audio channels. This costs 15,800 naira monthly.

Compact Plus Package

This is the second most expensive subscription for Nigerians with 174 Tv channels to choose from. It costs 10,650 naira monthly.

 Compact Package

This is the third most expensive subscription for Nigerians with 165 Tv channels to choose from. It costs 6,800 Naira monthly. Some sport channels, entertainment and movie channels are removed.

Family Package

This is the fourth most expensive subscription for Nigeria with 110 Tv channels to choose from. It costs 4, 000 Naira monthly.

Access Package

This is the second cheapest subscription for Nigeria with 91 Tv channels to choose from. It costs 2,000 Naira monthly.

FTA Plus Package

This is the cheapest subscription in Nigeria today. It comes with only six local channels and costs 1,600 Naira monthly.

That’s it for the DsTv Nigeria Package, Channels & Prices of Decoders information. The entertainment house is the biggest, not just in Nigeria but all over Africa.

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  1. Good evening.. Please i subscribe for dstv family but i can’t watch AmEpic what is the problem… My smartcard number is 41119225070

  2. Comment:good morning
    please I subscribed yesterday to another package after my package expired and the money was deducted from my bank account….. but up till now, the channels haven’t been showing.
    Please I need your help
    The initial package was that of #6,800 which expired last week and I subscribed the one of #2,000 yesterday and up till now, no channel is showing….. I don’t know what the problem is
    Please here is the IUC = 7026904608

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