The Google Play Store has a diverse category of apps. While there are apps​ that are up for download and installation for free, there are also certain apps that require you to pay a token to have access to download. As a matter of fact, some developers do not require you to pay a small amount​ for their apps, they want you to break the bank. You can see the Top 5 Most Expensive App on Google Play Store and how much they cost to have a clearer picture of what I’m talking about.

However, there are certain apps that are free to download and also have rewards in cash and other financial forms to users. Check some of the app below.

Earn Money Apps Android

1. Scoopshot

Earn Money Apps Android
Earn Money Apps Android – ScoopShot

Basically, what Scoopshot does is to pay you for taking photos and videos. On the app, all that is required to make money is to submit your best work (images or videos) and you stand a chance to win prizes and earn money from your photos and videos. Your work may be embedded by publishers or purchased outrightly​ at your sale price.

The app is sized at 2.61MB and payout can easily be requested​ for within the app.

2. Slide

Earn Money Apps Android
Earn Money Apps Android – Slide

Slide rewards users by paying them for reading contents displayed by the app on your lock screen. Upon installation, you can choose the kind of contents you want displayed on your lock screen.

When the app displays a particular content on your lock screen, you can either swipe to the Right to ignore and unlock your device, or swipe Left to read contents and make money. You can also earn on the Slide App by inviting/referring friends and family to download the app.

3. LuckyCash

Earn Money Apps Android
Earn Money Apps Android – LuckyCash

With LuckyCash, there are many ways to earn money. First, upon installation and registration​, there’s a free $1 gift. Afterwards, you can then proceed to increase your earnings by trying out games and apps, watching videos and referring friends. LuckyCash has more than 1million downloads on Google Play Store and is only 8.36MB.

4. Gift Wallet

Earn Money Apps Android
Earn Money Apps Android – Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet rewards users by giving points whenever a task is completed. The tasks are pretty​ easy and majorly involves downloading apps. You can as well earn points by inviting friends to download and use the app. After earning enough points, they can be exchanged for Paypal Cash, iTunes gift cards, Google Play and Amazon gift cards.

5. Watch & Earn

Earn Money Apps Android
Earn Money Apps Android – Watch & Earn

Asides the basic task of watching videos like movie trailers, brand ads etc and being paid for it, you can also get free shopping vouchers, mobile top-up, online cash, movie vouchers and many more on the Watch & Earn App. Amazon voucher, Paypal Cash, Steam vouchers, Google Play vouchers, and Flipkart vouchers are the forms of payment available on the Watch & Earn App.

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