Easiest Method On How To Verify USA & UK AdSense Account In Nigeria


Do you know you can us US AdSense account in Nigeria and receive your payments without any problems?

Well its possible to do that through these methods I’m putting up below!

Using the US AdSense in Nigeria is same with using Nigerian AdSense. Regarding the Tax Id and verification, you can sort it out. If you don’t believe me, there’s no need to continue reading.

Verifying Your US AdSense

I once post on how to receive US AdSense in Nigeria through Shoptomydoor.com but they stated that they can’t receive it (even though they do but was afraid of Google suing them). After that I researched for another way out to the extent of going to offices of courier services I know and found out new ways to do that.

There are no companies that receive the code here in Nigeria, all the companies are based in the US.

You can verify your US AdSense account through account through US based mailing companies that receives letters for people outside US to scan it and send it to their mails. Below are the two lists I know!

1. Travelingmailbox.com

Travelingmailbox.com is one of the good ones to use in receiving your pin and it has worked for my friend. As soon as your PIN arrive the given address, it will be scanned to your inbox.

Before they scan your pin and send it to you, they will request for ID card. They won’t tell you what ID card they need but after your parcel arrives, you will be asked to fill a form (I have forgotten the name of the form). the form contains your details and you will be asked to upload two ID cards, before they proceed.

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You can read more about them on their site Travelingmailbox.com.

2. USglobalmail.com

usglobalmail.com is a new way i found out but I have not tried them out. You can google more about them and also contact them on their site to know more things about their services.

You can also receive your US AdSdense pin through someone living in US!

3. Through Friend, Relation or Pay Me To Do It For You

You might have a friend over there in US or even a relation, so I suggest contact them to help you receive the letter and send over the pin to you through email, Facebook, text message, WhatApp or any social network that you can chat over with the person.

Now I assume you don’t have anybody living there, it will be a good idea to contact me to do it for you without you stressing yourself. For me to do it for you, you will have to pay me a token of $30 (please no bargaining).

Solving The Tax Information Problem In Order To Receive Your Earnings

To add US tax information is the problem so many of us have in using US AdSense account in Nigeria because it will require your US tax ID or your Social Security Number (SSN) which is mean’t for people livng in the US only.

For you to get it from someone is very hard (especially SSN) because you might do something bad using their ID number. So before someone will give you his or her own, he or she must trust you well.

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You can try getting it from your friend or relation living over there and see whether it will work.

If you have no other way of getting the tax ID or SSN, then you can pay me to get it done for you at the a very cheap price of $50 only (please no bargaining).

Receiving Earnings

To receive your earnings from US AdSense account and withdraw through ATM machine here in Nigeria without problems click >> below

==:>> How To Receive Payments With Your US or UK Adsense In Nigeria

I hope I have solved your problems and has given you the information you need. enjoy!

Thank you for taking out time to read this article, kindly comment below for any information you need or show me appreciation by commenting!

  1. Taovic says

    I need help here I haven’t seen verify pin for my Adsense. It is going to Month now, anyone can help me

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    i need to verify my uk adsense, please help me

  3. Lokesh says

    Hello, I want your help regarding Pin Verified I will pay So tell me how can we talk???

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    How can I verify my UK AdSense I heated shop to my door hardly works out

  5. mark says

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    i just verified my UK AdSense Account In Nigeria

    1. Paul says

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    2. Yusuf says

      How did you get it done can we discuss via my facebook?

      you can add me Yusuf A A Thewise

  7. Albert Olawale says

    Please how can I Connect with you brother about the UK AdSense Address verification

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    To get your TIN you can check techlector

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    ready to pay for verification of us adsense
    Facebook url

  11. chiros says

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  12. Dope says

    Hey, bro you have to help me here, i have been waiting for my Adsense PIN for close to 5weeks now, and it hasn’t arrived from shoptomydoor.com…. please is there any way out, please

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    Bro i want USA Adsense pin verification. Please contact me i can pay u online. My Skype id- ravi.ppc

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    USA ADSENSE PIN Verification service Just $30 or 2000 BDT
    TAX Submission only $10 or 500 BDT
    Contact With Me

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