There is nothing more painful than receiving your subscription has finished message while watching your favourite Tv show or a football match. Dstv have now brought some relatively easy method of checking your account balance.


Users have three methods of checking their balance;

  1. The Dstv short code.
  2. The Dstv mobile app.
  3. The DStv website.

Below is how to use each of the above steps.
To check your DStv account balance via your phone,

  • Go to message and create a new message
  • Type BAL followed by the first 10 digits of DSTV smart card number
  • Send the message to 30333
  • You will receive SMS reply that will include the due date of your DStv subscription.

To check account balance via mobile app,

  • Install Dstv application on your phone
  • select your country during the setup process
  • sign in with your smart card number and phone number
  • tap on “Account.”

Your account balance should be displayed as shown in the screenshot below

How To Check Via The Website

Simple log onto the DStv internet site @ with your smartcard number and surname or phone number.

Once you are signed in, click on “Account” to check your tv account balance. Right there, you can also check the due date of your subscription.


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