Last January the divorce between PayPal and eBay was confirmed. The two platforms had been together for a long time and helped the growth of both. But, the end of their collaboration was announced. For this reason, the item purchase and sale portal start looking for substitutes and they have already found one. Because they will adopt the use of Apple Pay.

eBay will start adopting Apple Pay

It will not be until 2020 when this distancing between the two platforms takes place. But the web page begins to have everything ready for when that moment arrives. Therefore, they will collaborate with Apple’s payment platform.

eBay bets on Apple Pay

The idea is that PayPal will become a secondary payment option on eBay. Meanwhile, this fall Apple Pay is expected to make its entry into the website. In this way, users can use the payment system of the American company in their purchases. The idea of the sales website is to increase the forms of payment available to users.

Therefore, Apple Pay could be simply the first of the various payment methods that eBay will be introducing in the coming months. All of them to set aside PayPal and users to use alternative options.

Seeing the growth that options such as Apple Pay are having on the market, it is not a surprise that the website is betting on them. So we’ll see if new forms of payments are announced soon in the well-known online store.

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