EcoBank Customer Care

EcoBank Customer Care Representatives are always available 24/7 for you if you any complaints, have any issue you would like them to resolve or simply just want to inquire about their products and services.

If you are an EcoBank account holder, then you should have not just one, but several means of getting in touch with an EcoBank Customer Care Representative. They can help you resolve transaction issues, stop cheque or block a stolen, misplaced or missing ATM card among other things.

That’s not all, you can also request for a Card PIN re-issue, reactivate a dormant account you might have had before or request for your bank statement. The list as to what their capable Customer Care Representatives can do for is endless. However, some issues might require your presence at the nearest bank Branch in order for it to be resolved. If that is the case, then they will let you know when you contact them and also the necessary documents you are required to bring along with you.

Please Note: No EcoBank Customer Care will or should ask you for your sensitive/private data like ATM Card PIN, CCV number, ATM Card Number, BVN number or Mobile Banking App password/PIN. Please Do not divulge the aforementioned details to anybody over the phone.

Below are the following numbers you can use to contact them.

EcoBank Customer Care Phone Numbers

  • +2347005000000
  • +2348003262265
  • +2348087603717

You can also add them on WhatsApp for a more faster response using the last phone number above (+2348087603717). That is if you are on or using WhatsApp.

How To Get In Touch With An EcoBank Customer Care Representative(s) Online

If you have an internet enabled device like a smartphone, tablet or PC then you can simply chat with them live at any time of the day as they are available 24/7. You can also send them an email Engcontactcentre@ecobank.

Got a Twitter account? If yes then you can simply tweet at them or send them a direct message on their official Twitter handle @GroupEcoBank. Got a Facebook account? If Yes then Send them a message on their EcoBank Facebook Page.


As an EcoBank account holder, it is Paramount that you have the above phone numbers saved on your phone. Trust me, it might really come in handy when you least expected. No airtime to call? Use their email, Twitter, Facebook or even WhatsApp.

If you are experiencing any problem or finding it difficult to contact an EcoBank Customer Care Representative then kindly drop a comment down below and I’ll try to help in best way I can.


  1. Please do Aim Global Alliance have business link with Ecobank.
    Please is the Aim Global Alliance company Philippines a genuine agency to transact business with since their payments is done through your bank.

  2. A friend transferred money to me up till now haven’t gotten alert for d transaction. The transaction I made from my GTB to my ecobank reversed today afternoon now I need money I can’t get just the ecobank ATM that I have. What’s happening to you guys do you want us to change or move to other Banks? please I want an answer to what is going on.

  3. I send money to a friend whose child is seriously sick via ATM the money was deducted but it didn’t get to the destination up till now the person has not be credited.

  4. My boss transfer me money this morning and have not seen the transaction, and the money have been deducted from my boss account manager. It’s seems am going to open another account maybe gtb bank.

  5. Good morning my name is Miriam musa 3k was sent to my account yesterday and there’s nothing in the account now what’s going on

  6. Plsssssssssssssss i deposited 5k into my account through Mobile transfer and up till now i have not seen it pls what is going on why is it getting harder everyday with this bank, someone told me that you people are closing down is that true.

  7. I have been trying to open an Ecobank mobile app. It keep requesting for my secret pin which I have none. Please can u help me get one. Thanks

    • Pls ecobank I don’t want to change this bank but if you people want me to change to another bank I will do it , I have problem yesterday I send someone 10k and d person didn’t see d money I went to ecobank to report today u people give me report book I will use to report my problem then I did it , u people say that u will send it back to me since then d person is disturbing me as if am not serious, pls d person want to use it and pay school fees , pls I need it now thanks

  8. Comment:i withdraw money last week Monday, ecobank debit me but I didn’t see any money then I called care the said, the will return the money by five market days which is yesterday till I haven’t received any alert.


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