Elephone U Pro Face ID at work in new video (See Set Up)

That Face Unlock is a very quick way to unlock your device is already understood with the demonstrations of Apple during the presentation of the iPhone X. If you’re looking for an Android smartphone that features Face Unlock, then you don’t have many options currently available to you. Or at least not many that actually work as you’d expect. One of the latest top devices with this feature to hit the market is the Elephone U Pro. The company showed how the face unlocking recognition system works in a new video.

In addition to the name of the functionality, the company has managed to faithfully imitate the speed of unlocking: from turning on the display to access facial recognition is a matter of milliseconds. In fact, if iPhone X has been criticized by many because it is not always the best choice for unlocking the device, making her regret the absence of the Touch ID, Elephone has taken advantage of these criticisms avoiding repeating the same problem with its new device.

Elephone U Pro, in fact, has not renounced to any unlocking system, using the Face ID instead as an additional solution. So, in addition to facial recognition, users can configure a PIN and one or more fingerprints and decide from time to time whether to unlock the phone with a glance or scan of fingerprints or the foolproof access code.

Particularly interesting is the second clip shared by the manufacturer, which shows the effect of light on the display when the phone receives a call. Called "Magic Light," when the smartphone rings, the screen to answer and reject the call is flanked by two strips of bright light that flash at the edges of the display, just near the curved area, making it more visible also if you look at it merely from the side.

Elephone U and Elephone U Pro, we remember, are on sale on GearBest, respectively at a price starting from 323 euros and 382 euros. You can access the purchase pages by clicking here. For more information on costs and shipping times, any charges and order processing, you can consult the seller's website.

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