Elephone has just responded to UMi’s “Smash Elephone P8000” campaign that started a few days back. One of the administrators on the Elephone forums was not happy with people posting videos smashing the P8000 and responded saying “Hey UMI  can you f**k off from here??? Go back to your shitty forum with all your shitty complaits! You are extremely unwelcome from here”.

The company has called the attack as a disgusting move from UMi. In fact, the company has fought back with its own giveaway wherein Elephone has urged its fans to share a post where users are trashing UMi in return for a free Elephone P8000.

Above is the picture that Elephone asked its fans to share for the giveaway.

The giveaway was spotted on the Elephone Italia Facebook page and asks fans to share a picture wherein multiple UMi users have written a few complaints about their devices. While this may be a direct way to fight against UMi’s “Smash Elephone P8000” campaign, what Elephone is not realizing is that it’s doing the same disgusting thing as UMi. So, Elephone has basically started its own campaign to trash UMi.

This giveaway comes a couple of days after Elephone posted on their Facebook page “If a dog gets you, will you bite back?” Well, now they are biting back! They are resorting to a similar disgusting method to trash UMi. Now, we will have to wait and see how UMi reacts to this response. Will UMi come up with something new or will this be the end of the fight for now? Let’s wait and watch!

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