There are thousands of graduate out there, hustling to put food on their table and to make ends meet, they have exhausted virtually all their best looking for a job but still no show. Indeed it pains, to lessen the grief, one can secure a profiting job online through an advertisement placed online, many have secured true employment from an advertisement they saw online.

In the other hand, scammers post fake job advertisement online, sadly many desperate people have fallen victim to such deceit thinking that the advertisement they saw online is a true one. So in this article, we will help you learn how this scam works so that you will not fall a victim.

Tactics Of Employment Scam

It might be that you think is very easy to spot employment scam, you think that when one is promising to pay you a huge amount of money on just a small work, you can then dictate that it is a pure scam.

Nowadays scams have increased rapidly and their tactics or mode of action has also changed to the extent that it will be hard for you to dictate that it is a pure scam if you are not careful.

Based on the recent discovery, employment scams are the riskiest scams in terms of exposure, susceptibility, and monetary loss. The average amount a person lost last year in this employment scam was $1,204. The worse part of it all is that recently scammers are using sophisticated technological approaches to deceive their victims.

Employment scammers can go to any length to prove their legitimacy, like holding a fake interview or making future recruiter call. This scammer can even go to the length of sending employment forms or an employee handbook which can appear convincing.

Again the scammer can also use email spoofing to forge fake emails; It is effortless to make it appear as if the email came from a different email address, without you knowing, so you could get an email from a scammer which seems to come from e.g “” or “”

How Employment Scam Works

This employment scammer starts by placing a job advertisement on a job board website. This job advert can look very real. They mostly start that they are looking for someone who will feel a personal assistant or administrative assistant role. At times it may be for a data entry job. The funniest part of it all is that it will be advertised as remote work or work from home.

One common thing employment scammers do is that they offer to pay heavily on just a simple job and inflexible hours. Once you reply to such an advert what the scammer will do is either to steal your identity or to extort money from you.

 Keep Yourself Safe From Employment Scams

As it stands now, you know how employment scams work, and the trick scammers use to deceive people, make sure you check any job advertisement online thoroughly before you send any of your personal information. Be at alert against any job advert that offers to pay significantly for minimal work without any work experience.

Note: You don’t have to pay money for any training before you begin a job so be very careful for you not to be fooled.

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