Remember when you could go to Facebook for the ‘Normal’ application, and keep talking to your friends? It seems like it was centuries ago, but no, it was 5 years ago that the chat disappeared, to get all users of the social network, to use Facebook Messenger.

However, it seems that Facebook wants to go back now! Re-integrated chat into your main application

It was the application researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, who discovered the return of the functionality to the ‘Mother’ application. You can see the discovery below:

Facebook Messenger came to our lives in 2011! Later, after 3 years in 2014, chat functionality was completely removed from the smartphone application.

Well, by going back on your decision, you can click on the Messenger icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook application. And instead of opening Facebook Messenger, you will only open a section called ‘Chats‘.

However, for now, Chats only supports basic text!

Leaving thus, several Messenger extras in the drawer. Like the calls, share photos/files, and reactions. (However, all of this may still be in the test phase)

Interestingly, it was last month that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about his vision for a platform focused on privacy

Where we can include some plans, to integrate the conversations services of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, in a single application.

Still, Facebook claims that individual applications will continue to exist … And in turn, Wong believes that if ‘Chats’ is really integrated into the Facebook application, then Facebook Messenger should start serving another market.

If you do not know, Facebook already owns WhatsApp, the most popular chat application in the world!

With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. Second is Messenger, with 1.3 billion users.

Well, in short, several users are enjoying the idea, the re-integration of Chat directly into the application. This even goes against the new strategy of creating a platform that should serve as a tool for encrypted conversations with friends and family.

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